(National Sentinel) Hack Attacks: On her Fox News program Friday night, Laura Ingraham smacked away the “demagoguery” of former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele over the issue of separating immigrant children from their alleged families as they try to enter our country illegally.

It’s a policy that was begun under the Obama administration, and it’s one that has continued under the Trump administration largely because Democrats refuse to come to the negotiating table with majority Republicans to craft a better law.

On her program, Ingraham said that “criminals” are separated from their children in the U.S. all the time, and people who attempt to sneak into the U.S. illegally are criminals.

It’s not Trump’s fault if they choose to break U.S. laws and bring their children — or someone else’s children so they can pretend to be parents — during the act.

“We can’t house kids the same way we house adult criminals, obviously, and sadly, you violate our laws, you’re running afoul of the U.S. criminal system, and criminals are separated from their children all the time,” Ingraham said.

As The Hill noted further:

Ingraham took aim at comments Steele made on MSNBC earlier in the day, during which the former RNC chair likened Trump’s use of detainment facilities to Nazi concentration camps. Children of migrant parents who illegally cross the border are held in facilities while their parents face prosecution until they can be placed with a family member or in foster care.

“Their kids could be next,” Steele warned parents during the segment.

Ingraham fired back on her show, accusing Steele of “minimizing” and “dismissing” the Holocaust, which involved the deaths of around six million Jews and millions of others in Nazi Germany and its occupied areas.

“You just saw the former head of the GOP, who I know I’m really disappointed in you Michael Steele,” she began, “accusing the president of running concentration camps?”

“To describe what we are doing at our border, where people cross the border illegally or present themselves and say, ‘I want asylum,’ as ‘concentration camps’ is both, I think, dismissive in minimizing the Holocaust and it’s just wrong,” the Fox host continued, adding that the children were being treated “as well as we can treat them under the circumstances.”

“As long as we have one veteran on a street tonight, we shouldn’t be spending money on illegal immigrant in the United States. I’m sorry. We’ve got to catch them and take them back to their home country,” Ingraham concluded.



She’s exactly right, of course, and it’s interesting that POTUS Trump’s critics are seizing on this as a wedge issue that they obviously believe is a political winner for them.

It’s not. It’s never going to be.

Vast majorities of Americans are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by third-world nations whose leaders have been allowed to export their poverty to our country. Survey after survey, poll after poll, have shown that.

What’s more, enforcing immigration laws to their fullest extent, along with building a wall and ending “sanctuary cities,” is a major reason why Trump is currently in the White House and Hillary Clinton is not.

Why do #NeverTrumpers think the majority of Americans have flipped on this issue?

No one wants to see anything bad happen to children. But like Ingraham said, they’re being taken care of as best we can under the circumstances — circumstances that, by the way, America did not create.

By making it difficult for people who enter our country illegally, the administration is sending the message that what they themselves have chosen to do is not okay, and their action comes with consequences.

Anyone who sees it differently is not in step with the majority of Americans.

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