(National Sentinel) Clueless: As a foreign policy and diplomacy expert, HBO’s Bill Maher makes an okay comedian.

As reported by The Hill — for some reason — Maher complained on his Friday evening program that nothing was really accomplished during the recent historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“All the critics are saying, and they’re right, that nothing really came of this,” Maher said. “It was two people, who lie about everything, who signed a deal that was specific about nothing.”

“I would say it was a feckless stunt,” he added.

Oh, you would, huh Bill? Well, thanks for that profound, insightful assessment.

Do you know why far too many Americans believe entertainers like Maher are qualified to make these unfounded, ill-informed and ignorant statements?

Because media outlets like The Hill give them a platform and by doing so, they also give them legitimacy when they have none.

Maher has no clue what POTUS Trump and Kim actually talked about or agreed to during their meeting. None.

As far as we know, Maher wasn’t even in the room when both leaders met; how could he possibly know what was and was not said, agreed to and not agreed to?

The world was spoon-fed four generalized discussion points that are very clearly cloaked in diplomatic language. They were intentionally broad and vague to give both leaders some negotiating room.

That’s how such talks begin. That’s called diplomacy.

And let’s recall no leaders from either country have sat down face-to-face since the 1950s. Trump made that happen, not Obama, not George W. Bush, and not Bill Clinton.

And yet the folks at The Hill publish his comments as though he’s got something really profound and important to contribute to this issue.

He doesn’t. He seldom does, regardless of the issue.

Bill Maher is a hack comedian and entertainer. He’s not a foreign policy guru. And he’s got no more insight into what actually took place inside the meeting room with POTUS and Kim than anyone else.

Media like The Hill should stop legitimizing clowns who have nothing of import to contribute to the very important issues of the day, including the process of denuclearizing a global threat.

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