(National Sentinel) Dirty Cop: President Donald Trump, his administration, and his campaign staff have been subjected to the worst political scandal in American history.

They were lied to. They were spied upon. They were targeted for retribution. Some have been targeted for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the guilty remain free as Attorney General Jeff Sessions remains AWOL and Deputy AG rod Rosenstein covers for his Deep State careerists who were involved in planning, launching, and carrying out Spygate.

Through it all POTUS Trump has largely remained focused on pulling America back from the abyss, turning around the economy, rebuilding American confidence, strengthening our alliances, and — most recently — bringing us one step closer to peace with an old enemy, North Korea.

On Friday he was asked about findings in the just-released report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding fired FBI Director James Comey’s “insubordinate” actions and tanking of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Not only was Comey’s behavior throughout inappropriate, he leaked sensitive information to a friend so it could then be leaked to the media regarding private, classified meetings he held with Trump while still at the helm of the bureau.

That wasn’t simply a violation of protocol that was a violation of law — everything the president says and writes in confidence is automatically classified.

Fox News‘ Steve Doocy asked Trump, “Should James Comey be locked up?”

The president responded:

Well, look, I would never want to get involved in that. Certainly, they really seem like very criminal acts to me. What he did was criminal. What he did was a terrible thing to the people. What he did was so bad in regard to our Constitution, in terms of the well-being of our country. Should he be locked up? Let somebody make a determination. Look at all the dishonest things that Crooked Hillary did. Look what’s gone on. It’s very sad.

POTUS Trump was just being deferential to the justice process, so we’ll say it for him:

Yes, Comey should be locked up.

And actually, that may happen.

If you watched the entire segment above, you’ll note that, at the end of it, POTUS says that “the process” of going through everything that’s happened is “slow” but it is progressing. And he says, “Everything is going to work out.”

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When he makes such ‘predictions,’ he’s always been true to his word.

That’s encouraging. Trump knows the American people both want and deserve justice, and it appears as though he’s committed to delivering it.

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