(National Sentinel) Resistance: The Marxist war against American police began under El Presidente Obama with efforts by him and his administration to inflame racial tensions and sow distrust.

Every instance when a white police officer used deadly force to subdue a black suspect was exploited to create the false narrative that all cops are racist bigots who abuse their authority to “target black men.”

Of course, every profession has its bad apples, but the vast majority of police officers are hardworking men and women who are steadfastly devoted to serving and protecting their fellow citizens.

But the war on cops that Obama & Co. launched had legs, and now it’s being waged by Left-wing Americans in all professions, including primary education.

As reported by The Western Journal:

The parents of some students at a South Carolina public high school are upset over two of the choices offered for a summer reading program.

According to WCBD, English I students at Wando High School in Charleston County were given a selection of books that included two options a number of locals believe are biased against law enforcement.

The two books, “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas and “All American Boys” by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, deal with themes of racism and police brutality.

The reading list includes a total of four books, and students are expected to read one over their summer break.

To concerned parents and law enforcement officers, the assignment appears to be a way to inject a particular social viewpoint into the course’s summer program.

This war on cops is having a profoundly negative effect on officer morale and recruiting efforts. Several departments have reported having trouble finding enough new officers to put on the streets.

And police veterans are more often than not choosing to hold back rather than pursuing contact with the public because they’re afraid of being held legally liable for something and financially ruined.

This is not a good place for our society to be in.

When you see the term “thin blue line” that is 100 percent accurate. The ratio of officers to citizens in most cities would shock you. Citizens outnumber officers many times over.

The only reason why our system of policing works is because most Americans abide by the social contracts we make in order to maintain a civil society.

When police retreat, criminals will step into the void and chaos will ensue.

Make no mistake, that’s precisely what Obama & Co. were shooting for.

It’s happening. And it’s only going to get worse.

Still think “No Drama Obama” was a good guy?

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