(National Sentinel) Ludicrous: President Donald Trump’s denuclearization agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, signed earlier this week, was nothing short of historic.

POTUS Trump and Chairman Kim have both pulled off something that has eluded every leader before them since the 1950s: Building a lasting pathway to peace on the world’s most heavily armed peninsula.

It’s too soon to tell whether the agreement will actually lead to Kim’s abandonment and dismantling of his nuclear weapons program, but what was discussed and signed this week is a start. And that’s more than Obama, Bush, and Clinton ever achieved.

But the pathetic politicized Pravda media, whose members are chronically triggered by Trump no matter what he does, refuse to see what happened this week as a good thing.

They’ve been trying to parse words and pick apart every little nano-detail to the point of absurdity.

And on Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a former CIA director and GOP lawmaker, had enough.

He chided the Pravda media over their inane nitpicking and insisted that what POTUS Trump and Chairman Kim had done was commit to denuclearizing North Korea.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called questions about President Trump’s agreement with North Korea “ludicrous” during a Wednesday press conference, admonishing reporters to “not play games” with “serious matters.”

Asked about the omission of the words “verifiable and irreversible” from the agreement — words which were instead replaced by “complete denuclearization” — Pompeo told reporters, according to Politico: “It’s in the statement. You’re just wrong about that.”

Before the Singapore summit, Pompeo had called for the “complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” as the “only outcome” the U.S. would accept. 

The secretary of state insisted that the word “complete” indeed “encompasses ‘verifiable and irreversible.’ I suppose we – you could argue semantics, but let me assure you that it’s in the document.”

“I find that question insulting and ridiculous and, frankly, ludicrous,” Pompeo said when pressed still further about the agreement’s language. “I just have to be honest with you. It’s a game and one ought not play games with serious matters like this.”


“Don’t say silly things … It’s not productive,” Pompeo responded sharply when asked how the agreement would be verified.

The Trump administration has this well in hand. To assume that they don’t — without proof — just because you don’t like the current occupant of the White House is just ridiculous.

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