(National Sentinel) MOAB: CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta isn’t used to being put in his place.

After eight years of friendly treatment by the Obama sycophants, he’s getting his comeuppance from the Team Trump who is onto him and his fake news network.

And the more he acts out, the more Team Trump stomps on his large ego and feelings of self-worth.

On Tuesday it was POTUS Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale’s turn. He laced into Acosta as a Twitter war between the two escalated.

Here’s what started it, per The Gateway Pundit:

President Trump made history on Tuesday. The US president somehow brought the tyrant of North Korea to the table to sign the most important nuclear agreement in the last 70 years for the Korean people.

Months of hard work and diplomacy reached a climax on Tuesday. The moment will go down in history. Then CNN’s Jim Acosta, the darling of the disruptive left, started blurting out questions at the president whenever the two leaders came into view.

At one point Trump and Kim Jong-un paused on the balcony during their talks.
Jim Acosta started blurting out questions whenever the two leaders came stepped out of their meetings — then Acosta was caught in a hot mic moment.

President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale, who stands at 6’8″, slammed Jim Acosta Tuesday morning calling for his press credentials to be immediately suspended after his latest disgraceful stunt.

Good call. Acosta’s credentials should have been revoked a long time ago because he’s overly combative, arrogant, and wholly inappropriate most of the time. Then again, we get the feeling he is allowed to stay because he’s such easy fodder for White House spokeswoman Sara Huckabee Sanders, who’s clearly his better.

Still, what Acosta did on Tuesday was unforgivable.

Parscale tweeted: “Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace! @realDonaldTrump”

Acosta responded, “Dear Brad.. dictatorships take away press credentials. Not democracies.”

Then came Parscale’s MOAB moment:

“Dear Jim. It isn’t about the constitution. It’s about respect. He won the presidency not you. Go win it yourself if you need it all about you.”



Being allowed to cover a president in the White House as a member of the press is a privilege, Acosta, not a constitutional right. Show some respect like you showed members of the Obama administration and maybe Team Trump will let you stick around.

There’s also this: Did you ever stop to think about why you’re not being called upon?

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