(National Sentinel) All Wrong: President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was nothing short of historic. He has put both countries on a path toward permanent peace and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

A year ago everyone was worried we were headed to nuclear war against North Korea. That includes the pinheaded Washington Establishment commentariat who claimed that Trump was going to prove their worst fears correct.

But now that he’s brought both countries back from the precipice of war, the very same pinheads are criticizing every aspect of the deal.

Trump’s a dolt because he ‘gave away too much.’

He didn’t ‘bring up Kim’s abysmal human rights record.’

He didn’t get anything at all from the tyrant dictator.

All of that is “100 percent wrong,” according to 24-year State Department veteran and geopolitics expert Peter Van Buren.

In an epic Twitter rant, he began with this chastisement of the Trump haters: If you’re keeping score at home, every pundit and MSM head who claimed the summit would never happen, or Trump would blow up, is now 100% and forever wrong. Still watching CNN????”

But of course, that was just the beginning.

Van Buren proceeded, step by step, to outline all the very real progress Trump made — on behalf of all Americans and North Koreans, including the haters in our country.

“The idea that Trump “betrayed” South Korea is limited to the American MSM. Here’s the president of South Korea’s own positive statement about SIngapore,” he wrote.


As Zero Hedge noted further:

No, the South Korean’s were not “betrayed” or “abandoned” as Vox , MSNBC, and many others claim — the reality is opposite: the peace efforts are being led by the South Koreans, as President Moon Jae-in’s own unambiguous words indicate, saying he was very happy with the meeting. 

“I offer my heartfelt congratulations and welcome the success of the historic North Korea-United States summit,” Moon’s statement begins.

The fact remains that 81% of South Koreans supported the summit, and 88% supported the prior Kim-Moon summit. Moon also has an 86% approval rating. 70% of Americans support the meeting.

The pundits now claiming “betrayal” of South Korea have no clue what they’re talking about.

Van Buren continued: “Keep in mind it was the earlier failures in Korea by the former government officials on TV today criticising the #TrumpKimSummit who made the summit necessary. They’re the last people anyone should be listening to at this point.”


He next pushed back on claims that Trump handed Kim a “propaganda coup.”

“So anyone please tell me what a “propaganda coup” for Kim entails. Is he running for something? Will his salary increase, get more TV bookings? Party with Beyonce? World leaders who hate him will say, golly, what a nice guy? EXACTLY what does “propaganda coup” mean?”


The ‘coup’ came, as one ignorant observer noted, as a result of the U.S. and North Korean flags standing with equal prominence behind the two leaders – standard operating procedure for diplomatic events, Van Buren points out.


“How freaking stupid are you? Flags are displayed as a symbol of diplomacy, and the side-by-side style is used everywhere in every setting, including during the Cold War (and Obama in Cuba!) So just STFU,” he wrote.

Never-Trump “conservative” Jonah Goldberg made the same error.


Then Van Buren addressed the lie that Trump ‘gave away the store.’

“Concessions? Kim’s ongoing moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile testing, the return of American prisoners, the closing of a ballistic missile test site, and the shutting down of nuclear test facility without opening a new one,” he wrote.

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He also reminded everyone what the real deterrent to North Korean aggression is — our own strategic assets that aren’t even deployed on the continent.

“Reminder major US military exercises in Korea have been suspended/postponed before, as far back as Team Spirit in 1990s and recently as January for the Olympics. Can be restarted anytime. Not much of a “concession.” Meanwhile, the actual deterrent remains offshore, planes & subs,” he said.


In a separate op-ed for Reuters, Van Buren noted how Kim has made concessions as well:

“It is easy to announce a morning-after defeat for Trump: to criticize the agreement as vague and lacking in specific commitments regarding denuclearization. But those critics ignore Kim’s moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile testing, the return of American prisoners, the closing of a ballistic missile test site, and the shutting down of a major nuclear test facility without opening a new one.”

The fact is this summit was only a first step. Reports note that Kim has accepted an invitation from Trump to visit the White House, where more talks will surely take place.

This will be a process. The faux outrage and idiocy demonstrated by the ‘experts’ on the Left-leaning networks have no basis for their complaints or negativity.

“Trump hate” isn’t going to cut it.

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