(National Sentinel) What a Joke: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should take her failing mind and retire already because she continues to demonstrate on a near-daily basis she’s no longer fit to govern.

On Monday she dared to put out a statement criticizing POTUS Trump’s agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before the president’s plane had even landed back in the States.

What’s more, she did so know apparently forgetting — conveniently? — that she praised the awful non-nuclear “deal” that Obama and John Kerry made with the Iranians, which came with a heavy price tag in the billions of U.S. dollars.

She wrote, according to NBC News‘ Alex Moe:

Nuclear nonproliferation is a pillar of America’s national security. We respect any serious and real diplomatic efforts to achieve that goal on the Korean peninsula. Apparently, the President just handed Kim Jong-un concessions in exchange for vague promises that do not approach a clear and comprehensive pathway to denuclearization and non-proliferation.

In his haste to reach an agreement, President Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States while preserving the regime’s status quo. The millions of families currently living in fear of nuclear weapons in the region deserve strong and smart leadership, built-in diplomacy and engagement with our regional partners and allies.

The president’s marginalization of the State Department and his habitual disparaging of our allies as demonstrated at the G7 Forum hinders a lasting, stable pathway to peace.

Pure lunacy.

First of all, Trump didn’t “marginalize” the State Department. First as CIA director and then as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has been the point man on arranging this agreement with Kim from the beginning. Nancy’s failing memory again?

“Apparently” Pelosi didn’t read the White House statement, which very clearly lays out what was agreed to.

Also, Trump — and Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Pompeo, and before him Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – have all been in regular contact with our allies in the region for more than a year. Where’s she been?

And, as Breitbart News editor Joel Pollack notes:

In 2015, Pelosi called the Iran deal a “diplomatic masterpiece.” A decade earlier, she traveled to Syria to hold talks with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who later slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people.

Senate Democrats issued a list of demands last week that they said any agreement with North Korea would have to meet to earn their support. The Iran deal violated every one of them.

What’s more, our allies in the region are generally praising the agreement — most notably South Korea.

“[The] Agreement will be recorded as a historic event that has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on earth. It is a great victory achieved by both the United States and the two Koreas, and a huge step forward for people across the world,” a government statement said.

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Pelosi, like every other Democrat and Trump hater, will try to downplay this historic diplomatic breakthrough — an accomplishment that no other president has managed.

Game, set, and match, Pelosi.

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