(National Sentinel) Destructive: The Alt-Left Marxists who’ve taken over the Democratic Party have created a culture of violence that, one year ago, nearly cost one Republican leader and congressional staffer their lives.

On June 14 House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and former staffer Matt Mika, lay bleeding on a ballfield in Northern Virginia after being shot by Left-wing lunatic and socialist Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson.

It was a predictable extension of the Left-wing domestic terrorism committed by Antifa members and other Hillary supporters during the campaign at scores of events for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

It’s all been driven by hate. And now the hate is driving a record number of threats against most Republicans in Congress — so much so that many members are taking extraordinary steps to protect themselves.

The New York Post reports:

Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia bought body armor. Rep. Gregg Harper hired armed security guards for events back home in Mississippi. And Rep. Dan Dovonan fortified his Brooklyn and Staten Island offices with security cameras and buzzer systems.

This is the new normal for members of Congress. …

The threats against them have skyrocketed.

In 2016, there were 902 threatening incidents and communications against members of Congress. By 2017, the reports had more than doubled to about 2,000, according to the House Sergeant at Arms office.

In response, the House Administration Committee allocated $25,000 to each member in 2017 and again in 2018 to beef up their personal and office security, prompting members to hire bodyguards for events and equip offices with panic buttons and shatter-resistant glass.

The House Sergeant at Arms got an additional $5 million to improve office security for district offices. Congress also increased funding for Capitol Police by $29.2 million in 2017, and another $29.9 million in 2018.

In recognition of the danger level, the Federal Election Commission also ruled in July that lawmakers can also use campaign funds –typically spent on TV ads and mailers — to install security systems at their homes.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has produced videos depicting POTUS Trump’s shooting and murder.

D-list ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin was photographed holding a bloody mock-up of Trump’s head.

Madonna early on admitted she fantasized about ‘blowing up the White House.’

And on Sunday, one-time great actor Robert De Niro walked on stage at the Tony Awards and immediately proclaimed, “F**k Trump!”

The collective effect on the psyche of Left-wing losers already prone to violence will lead to more violence against our elected leaders — Republicans, especially.

These people will have blood on their hands. But more than that, they ought to be called out each and every time one of them make such an outrageous statement or display of violence.


We can’t have a viable, civil society if we’re suddenly okay with having our elected political leaders murdered like what’s happening in Mexico.

The Democratic Left is responsible for this, which is why Democrats must be defeated at every election.

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