(National Sentinel) Wrong Again: POTUS Trump haters sit and wait for everything he says so they can leap from the gutter where they live and shout “Gotcha!’ when they think they’ve caught him in a lie.

The trouble with that strategy is they’re never right and POTUS Trump is never wrong.

He doesn’t say things ‘just because,’ as he’s proven time and again.

Remember what he said following the horrific Parkland, Fla., school murders, in response to reports that an armed deputy sheriff resource officer refused to engage the active shooter?

“I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” the president told a group of governors who had gathered at the White House.

Boy, did that trigger the media snowflakes and Trump haters.

But as it turns out, POTUS Trump, back in the day, did play the role of unarmed hero.

In 1991 the New York Daily News, which has been one of Trump’s biggest critics since he was elected, reported that Trump leaped from his “stretch limo” to confront a mugger who was robbing someone and physically assaulting them.

“When he saw ‘a big guy with a big bat’ bashing another fellow, Donald Trump did what any self-respecting billionaire would do: He ordered his driver to pull over,” the paper reported.

“I’m not looking to play this thing up,” The Donald told the Daily News. “I’m surprised you found out about it.”

And look…he didn’t even brag about it.

He triggered his haters again last week when, ahead of his Tuesday summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he’d been preparing for this moment all his life.

Turns out that claim is true as well.

Some Internet sleuths happened upon a 1999 interview when then-billionaire businessman Trump told NBC News’ “Meet the Press” how he perceived the rising North Korean nuclear threat and what he’d do about it:

The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation.  And we have this country out there, North Korea, that is sort of wacko.  Which is not a bunch of dummies and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons… And wouldn’t it be good to sit down and really negotiate something? And if that negotiation doesn’t work you’re better to solve the problem now than solve it later.


“And if that negotiation doesn’t work you’re better to solve the problem now than solve it later.”

Isn’t that what POTUS Trump has been saying since he took office when it comes to dealing with North Korea?

He also noted in the interview with the late Tim Russert that North Korea and “the world” were laughing at the U.S. because our leaders kept falling for the lies North Korean leaders were telling in order to get us to give them sanctions relief while they continued their development.

Meanwhile, all the haters can do is hate — and wait for their next opportunity to be wrong about POTUS Trump.

The haters don’t believe Trump, but you know who finally did?

Kim Jong-un and the Chinese.

Trump may not get the North Korean leader to agree to a denuclearization deal that both parties are satisfied with. But one thing’s for certain: He’s come closer to one than any of his predecessors since Pyongyang began its program.

You know why?

Because he was prepared.

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