(National Sentinel) Trumped: There is a reason why President Donald Trump and his administration constantly refer to CNN as the champion of “fake news.” It’s because the network constantly proves it.

CNN did so again as POTUS Trump attended the G7 meeting in Quebec, Canada.

Trump was there to represent America, something past presidents in recent decades have failed to do, as evidenced by the horribly one-sided trade “deals” they signed with our “allies.”

At one point, Trump appeared to be ‘holding court’ — he was surrounded by G7 leaders as they all held trade discussions.

Which, of course, was the point of the summit, among other issues.

Dan Scavino, an assistant to the president, tweeted out a behind-the-scenes photo of “negotiations” at the annual summit.

Hack CNN producer, who was apparently triggered by the fact that POTUS Trump was the center of attention and was the dominant figure in the discussions, claimed that the photo was just “clever visual messaging.” He went on to note, without any evidence of course, that what was pictured was just a “group signing,” The Daily Caller noted.

“Pretty clever visual messaging here from the White House — taking some kind of group signing event and framing it instead to show President Trump seemingly holding court,” Hughes tweeted.

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White House spokeswoman Sara Huckabee Sanders smashed Hughes: “Congratulations! Once again you are wrong.”

She tweeted, in full:

Dear @newsbyhughes @CNN, Congratulations! Once again you are wrong. There is no “some kind of group signing” taking place. It was all negotiations. We were there. You were not. @Scavino45 tweet is 100% factual. Will you retract your “clever” and completely inaccurate tweet?

Later, Hughes deleted his inaccurate tweet.

“Earlier today, I tweeted a photo of leaders at the G-7 and mistakenly referred to it as a signing event,” Hughes wrote in his apology tweet. “The White House says the images were taken during negotiations between the leaders. I was incorrect, have removed the previous tweet, and apologize.”


Just pathetic. But as CNN continually proves, it is fake news.

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