(National Sentinel) Open Borders: Ailing Sen. John McCain continues to play the RINO as he continues to push for something the vast majority of Americans (and Arizonans) don’t want: Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

“I strongly support the bipartisan effort in the House to file a discharge petition to reopen the debate on immigration reform and bring up our #USAAct for a vote. Congress can’t ignore this critical issue – and the many lives it impacts – any longer,” he tweeted on Saturday.

RINO McCain is not alone. As Breitbart News reports:

The proposed amnesty s being pushed by a coalition of almost 25 GOP legislators and the Democratic Party.

If 25 GOP legislators sign the petition by June 18, they can ally with 193 Democrats to schedule a floor vote by June 25. That vote would allow many GOP legislators to back a business-backed amnesty that would tamp down wage growth by providing amnesty and work-permits to at least two million younger illegals over the next few years, plus several million additional chain-migration arrivals after 2030.

So far, House Speaker Paul Ryan has not used his power to shut down the amnesty push, for example, by announcing he will keep the House out of session on June 25. Ryan, however, has scheduled a June 7 caucus meeting to talk about the amnesty.

The discharge-petition debate rules would also provide political cover for many GOP legislators by allowing them to vote for an alternative bill with many popular reforms. But legislators and donors know the second bill would get fewer votes than the amnesty bill, and so would be defeated under the special rules of the amnesty-discharge debate.

Americans elected President Donald Trump in large part because he came out fast and strong against this kind of amnesty.

He wants a wall along the southwestern border and he’s made no bones about it. The country put him in office in part based on that promise.

So far the wall remains a pipe dream. But here’s McCain and the rest of the RINO pack scheming with Democrats to further destroy our culture and create a permanent underclass of division and hate within our borders.

There could not be a better example of how little influence voters have with their “representatives” on issues that conflict with the position taken by their donors.

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