(National Sentinel) Box of Rocks: We’ve always said Left-leaning Americans who claim they support Marxism and socialist ideas do so because they’ve never had to live in an authoritarian Marxist-socialist country.

Once they spent a little time in such places — like collapsing Venezuela — we have no doubt they would quickly change their view of such “paradises.”

Still, when it came to the question of whether Millennials would rather date a supporter of POTUS Trump or an MS-13 animal gang member, we thought no one could be so stupid as to choose the latter.

MS-13’s motto, after all, is “rape, kill, control.” How could that be better than dating someone with whom you just disagreed with politically?

A Daily Caller news team set out to find out answers to the question: “Would you rather date a Trump supporter or an MS-13 gang member?”

What they found out was shocking.

MS-13 is “one of the world’s most brutal street gangs and it’s responsible for many murders in the U.S.,” The DC reported.

“When asked why they would choose a gang member over a Trump supporter, some people said
Trump supporters ‘weren’t for them’ and they would ‘never’ even consider dating a Trump supporter,” the news site continued.


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