CNN is on life-support and STILL the network thinks 24/7 Trump-bashing is a winner

(National SentinelFake News: CNN truly is the “Communist News Network” but not just for the reason you think.

Oh sure, the network is definitely anti-American, as evidenced by its line-up of hosts who rarely have a good thing to say about their own country and who continually find fault in it does.

But in true commie fashion, the network’s Marxist politics take precedence over profitability, if current ratings are any indication.

CNN‘s core programming theme — Trump hate 24/7 — has landed it in the bottom of the rankings.

In fact, in May the network didn’t even have a single program break the Top 25.

As Breitbart News reported:

CNN’s ongoing ratings crisis has now reached the point where the far-left anti-Trump channel was unable to place a single show in the top 25 throughout the month of May.

Worse still, the Stormy Daniels Network did not have a single show that managed to attract an average of even 900,000 total viewers, much less a million.

As my colleague Joshua Caplan reported earlier this week, the overall picture for CNN is disastrous. Even as Fox News climbed in the ratings, the hate-spewing CNN collapsed when compared to last year, a calamitous drop of -25 percent of primetime viewers.

CNN is doing so poorly, though, it does not even have a breakout star. Every hour is a ratings disaster. CNN’s best showing in May was Anderson Cooper 360, but his primetime hour placed at #26 with an average of only 888,000 viewers.

There’s also this, per Breitbart’s John Nolte:

“With the exception of Fox & Friends First, which airs at 4 a.m., every single show on Fox News — and this is important — every single show on Fox News, regardless of the hour it aired, beat CNN’s highest rated show.”

Left-leaning Shepard Smith of Fox News is that network’s lowest-rated host. But at 1.35 million viewers on average, he still crushes Cooper.

“The news is all good for Fox, which appears to have fully rebounded from its primetime shake-up that came with the loss of Bill O’Reilly and others,” Nolte noted.

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