(National Sentinel) Conspiracy: There has been no shortage of questions surrounding the Oct. 1, 2017, attack on an outdoor concert by shooter Stephen Paddock.

How did he get all his guns up to his room on the 32nd floor? How come no one saw anything prior to the attack? How come he was unknown to police? Where did he really come from?

And was he a terrorist?

No shortage of questions, just a shortage of answers. And this, in an era where we can learn just about everything regarding other mass murderers, such as the Parkland, Fla., shooter Nikolas Cruz, within hours.

Now comes massive breaking news in the Paddock case.

According to investigative journalist Laura Loomer, Las Vegas Police documents show that Paddock discussed a terrorist attack at the Mandalay Bay in front of an Uber driver who picked him up at the airport.

Loomer notes:

A witness statement that is part of a batch of newly released police documents concerning the Las Vegas shooting reveals that in the days before the Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock and a woman were picked up by an Uber driver who said Paddock “commented on the Mandalay Bay Area for a terrorist attack” as he was being dropped off at the Mandalay Bay.

The witness statement is one of many previously unspoken statements that were released nearly one week ago after a judge ordered them to be released.

Here’s the document, via Loomer’s website:

The statement says:

I got a request to pick up Paddock at Terminal #1 pick-up area for Uber, not sure what day or time. I picked up a man and a woman with a big blue suitcase, old looking, and heavy, and he commented on the Mandalay Bay area for a terrorist attack and [was] dropped at the Mandalay Bay,” the Uber driver stated in her report filed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “Maybe check Uber records.

Loomer notes further:

The name of the Uber driver is redacted on the report, but the driver is described as a 5’10 200-pound woman with red hair and blue eyes. The witness statement was documented on October 4, 2017 by an LVMPD officer, which begs the question as to why the public is only now finding out 8 months after the Las Vegas shooting that Paddock mentioned a terrorist attack taking place at Mandalay Bay, prior to the attack. Interestingly, the witness originally wrote “they” in her statement, but then crossed out the word “they” and changed it to “he”. However, in the witness statement, it is made very clear that another woman was also in the car with Paddock and the Uber driver. It is unclear whether the woman in the Uber with Paddock was his girlfriend Marilou Danley, but other recently released Vegas shooting documents revealed that three women were in Paddock’s room when police entered his 32nd floor suite the night of the shooting Oct 1, 2017.

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This attack has been suspicious from the get-go, made even more notable by the fact that the Las Vegas police were not revealing anything at all about motive, especially – why would a man Paddock’s age do something like this?

What motivates a middle-aged gambler without substantial debt who appeared to be loving life decide to shoot at hundreds of people in a city where he loved to be?

Terrorism was always thought to be a motive.

We appear to be getting closer to the answer.

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