(National Sentinel) Midterms: Back in December Democrats and their allies in the Pravda media were selling the notion that a “big blue wave” was going to sweep Republicans out of power in Congress come the 2018 midterm elections.

After all, everybody who’s anybody really hates President Donald Trump. And all those people who voted for him were having ‘buyer’s remorse’ and craving a ‘do-over.’

Now, it seems more like those claims were just another mighty Left-wing lie — kind of like the one that says Obama really didn’t “spy” on the Trump campaign. Either that or a huge case of wishful thinking.

If the polling was even right back in December, generic balloting had Democrats up by 24 points over Republicans.

Today the lead has shrunk to about 4 percent. And there are plenty of reasons to discount the narrative that Democrats have any lead whatsoever, based on the widely inaccurate polling before the 2016 election, most of which had the criminal Hillary Clinton well ahead.

According to Real Clear Politics polling averages, the numbers look like this:

  • Dec 24: Democrats +13.0 pts
  • Jan 24: Democrats +7.9 pts
  • Feb 24: Democrats +8.0 pts
  • Mar 24: Democrats +6.5 pts
  • Apr 24: Democrats +5.5 pts
  • May 24: Democrats +4.0 pts*

Here’s a graphic:

According to Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics, the upward trend for the GOP has to do with presidential accomplishments.

“There’s a couple of things going on. I think the good economic news is starting to break through. I think people are starting to question where the Mueller investigation is going,” he wrote.

“I think it had kept the president down for a while. And I think the tax cuts energized the Republican base and are playing a role in the president’s improving fortunes.”

All of this is speculation, of course, because we believe the president’s core support has remained steadfast despite the Mueller witch hunt or 90 percent negative coverage in the Pravda media.

So, along those lines, it looks to us that the polling is beginning to reflect what we’ve always believed to be true: Trump/Republican support never really tanked like the Democrats claimed.

bullet proof vests

Because if Trump was really that unpopular he would have never won in the first place.

Besides, all the Democrats have to offer these days is hate and socialism — and the majority of Americans reject both out of hand.

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