(National Sentinel) Institutional Racism: The trend in corporate American over the past several years has been to subject all employees to “racial sensitivity training” that is better described as “white hate.”

There have been many horror stories told about such mandatory training sessions which are typically given by minority lecturers who have a chip on their shoulder and who claim that as minorities, they can’t be racists.

Even though they are.

The textbook definition of racism is:

a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; and

a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles.

So, anyone who stereotypes or otherwise generalizes about others strictly on the basis of skin color and/or ethnicity is, by definition, a racist. No matter what color of skin they have.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Starbucks is engaging in one massive display of racism today, as the chain ordered all 8,000 locations closed for three hours so every single employee can be sent through ‘re-education seminars’ to explain how it is that white people are inherently dubious, dangerous, and racist.

As The Gateway Pundit reports:

Rather than serve us their usual cub of burnt and bitter tasting coffee, barristers and staff will take part in mandatory ‘unconscious bias training’.

What is unconscious bias training, you might be asking? It is part of an industry not unlike corporate motivation speakers, but with the goal of having employees engage in group therapy sessions where they all are expected to break down and talk about how covertly racist, transphobic, etc they are so that they’re more aware of it in the future.

In Starbucks case, they are going to play a series of videos featuring a rapper named Common (not kidding) who will be covering issues from the history of the civil rights movement and modern ‘social justice’. After the videos, staff will break into groups and discuss their own biases: ways they are secretly racist, and not as ‘woke’ as they should be.

Based on the principle speaker (Common is black) and the subject matter, anyone with a functioning brain stem knows exactly what all of this is designed to do: To put white people on the defensive once again with unsubstantiated allegations of inherent bias.

What’s more, unconscious bias training is based on a concept known as “implicit bias,” which is scientifically unfounded.


As reported by Psychology Today:

The research on so-called implicit bias has its serious critics (link is external). Almost everything about implicit bias is controversial in scientific circles. It is not clear what most implicit methods actually measure; their ability to predict discrimination is modest at best, their reliability is low; early claims about their power and immutability have proven unjustified. And yet colleges and corporations have been rushing to institute “implicit bias trainings (link is external)” in (misguided and unlikely to be effective) attempts to reduce discrimination.

But hey, leaders of the PC corporate world of today win never miss out on an opportunity to do something to white people they would never do to a minority group: Use race as “the primary determinant of human traits and capacities” so white people can ‘get their minds right’ and ‘accept their guilt.’

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