(National Sentinel) Mystery: By now, everyone who is paying any attention at all to the Trump-Russia collusion witch hunt and resulting “Spygate” revelations knows the name Stefan Halper.

He’s been identified by The Washington Post as the ‘informant’ who contacted three Trump campaign officials in 2016 before “he began providing information to the FBI.”

The Post noted as well that Halper is a “retired American professor and foreign policy expert for Republican presidents.”

The paper also reported, as have others, that Trump’s National Trade Council adviser Peter Navarro recommended Halper for a senior administration position such as U.S. ambassador to China (which would have been a big deal).

The Post reported:

That Halper would be considered for a job in a Republican administration isn’t surprising. He worked in the Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan administrations and on a George H.W. Bush campaign. In the Reagan administration, he was deputy assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs, a job that would make him a key presidential adviser on military strategy and international security.

In a separate profile story, the Post further noted that Halper has been involved in ‘controversy’ before — involving spying on a rival political campaign:

After the 1980 race, Halper was caught up in a scandal concerning alleged political spying. Aides to Reagan, including Halper, were accused of having spied on Carter’s campaign and obtaining private documents that Carter was using to prepare for a debate. Some Reagan White House officials later alleged that Halper had used former CIA agents to run an operation against Carter. Halper called the reports at the time “absolutely false” and has long denied the accusations.

According to the Post’s reporting, Halper as an FBI asset would have been under very deep cover; the only ones who would know he was on assignment were the few FBI agents actually working the case — and the brass at the time (that would very likely have included Obama).

So we know four things: 1) Halper is a Republican operative; 2) He’s likely experienced in spying on political campaigns; 3) He’s worked for the FBI; and 4) He’s a CIA asset.

What we don’t know at this juncture is who tapped him to spy on or otherwise infiltrate the Trump campaign?

Who would tap a Republican operative to spy on a Republican presidential campaign? It would have had to have been someone who has used Halper in the past and who trusted him — and who, perhaps, was like-minded and equally offended that a “rogue” like Trump could win the GOP nomination, let alone the White House.


Was it ‘Republican’ James Comey? ‘Republican’ Rod Rosenstein? And just how does ‘Republican’ Robert Mueller, who would eventually be named special counsel after Comey admitted he purposely leaked his memos to spur a special counsel investigation, fit into this equation?

Comey and Mueller are long-time buds; they go way back. They all go ‘way back.’ So does Halper. And the folks who put together this scam would want to be familiar with each other’s work; they wouldn’t want any ‘amateurs’ on an operation of this magnitude. They’d only want people they could trust, people who were part of ‘the club.’

And from our vantage point, the operation to infiltrate Trump’s campaign, to launch Spygate, features a whole bunch of establishment Republicans who got involved at various points along the way.

And that may be the biggest scandal of all: That Trump’s own party functionaries were working with Obama to conspire against him as well.

If we knew who tapped Halper to reprise his role as campaign spy, that would tell us a great deal about how this phony operation began in the first place.

We’re betting you all would recognize many of those names.

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