(National Sentinel) Fear of Reprisal: We keep seeing reports saying that scores of rank-and-file FBI agents are eager to talk to Congress about the corruption they’re witnessing among senior leaders.

But at the same time, these agents are afraid to step forward because they don’t believe current whistleblower protections are strong enough.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, attempted to allay those fears last week.

“I want to clear up a few things. I have been seeing reports that individuals within our federal law enforcement agencies want to talk to Congress about problems they have seen on the job,” Chairman Grassley said in a floor speech.

“But, the reports say these individuals want to be subpoenaed by congressional committees, rather than coming forward voluntarily.

“There is a perception that without a subpoena, they have no legal protection against retaliation for cooperating with Congress. That is nonsense and a misperception that has been fomented by FBI and DOJ leadership for many years,” the chairman said.

Despite his attempt to reassure them, however, The Daily Caller says it’s not good enough:

Even as a new Rasmussen poll shows a majority of voters believe senior law enforcement officials broke the law to stop Donald Trump from beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, rank-and-file FBI agents who want to testify against their superiors to Congress feel they can’t due to an ineffective whistleblower protection law.

These agents believe the sluggishness of the law exposes them to an inordinate risk of reprisal, so they have remained in hiding and afraid to speak the truth.

Said one special agent: “This is a great opportunity for senior or [soon to be retiring] guys, not for someone like me. It’d be suicide. I hate to say it, but neither the judiciary nor the executive branch is wielding any kind of effective oversight right now, and the top managers know it.”

Continuing, the agent said, “You still have a ton of bad people in place. Unless that changes, and I haven’t seen any degree of seriousness on the part of ranking members nor staffers, I’m not meeting with anyone nor willing to be subpoenaed. I’m not coming forward until they get their act together. Right now, it’d be sacrificing a career for cheap political points.”


TheDC reported further that the bureau has already warned agents that the agency will come back viciously against all those “behind destroying their narrative, and will go after their families and friends, too.”

Once upon a time, POTUS Trump nominated — and the Senate confirmed — someone he trusted to help him clean up the Justice Department and drain the FBI swamp.

But alas, Jeff Sessions has been Trump’s greatest disappointment.

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