(National Sentinel) Handled: There is a reason why — other than his prosecutorial brilliance — President Donald Trump brought former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani onto his legal team.

Because he knows exactly how to handle special counsel Robert Mueller and his biased team of Hillary Clinton shills.

He hits them hard in the media with truth bombs that no one can seriously refute.

And he did it again Sunday during an appearance with Fox News‘ Bill Hemmer.

Like every American with a functioning brain stem, Rudy G. knows the entire Mueller investigation is a joke, a hoax, a cover for the greatest political scandal in the history of the country: A sitting administration spied on the campaign of a political rival. Spygate is worse than Watergate by many factors.

And Rudy G. wants everyone to know it.

In discussing the witch hunt investigation, Rudy G. described it as “totally rigged” and completely tainted because Mueller went out and hired prosecutors with horrible reputations and who supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

He also noted — correctly — that fired FBI Director James Comey is “one of the biggest liars in the history of Washington.” And you know that must be true because a former prosecutor has to be aware you can’t just libel someone like that in public without proof.

But that wasn’t all Rudy G. said. Not by a long shot.

“Gee, maybe [the Mueller team] should wake up and realize that the president is innocent,” he said.

“That’s why he wants to testify, and because of them [the Mueller team] we don’t want him to testify because they’re not fair,” Rudy added.

“They have rigged this investigation against him, 13 Democrats, angry as heck, and some of them were there at Hillary Clinton’s funeral” the night she lost to Trump. Of course, he means her political funeral.

“I mean, terrible,” Rudy G. continued. “Wait, when she was supposed to have a victory party!”

Hemmer said Trump was “a long way” from a sit-down interview with the Mueller team, “aren’t we?”

“Well, maybe we’re not a long way from deciding we won’t have one,” Rudy shot back. “And then they’re going to have to go on what they have and everybody’s going to find out they don’t have anything.”

The Left-wing Pravda media continues to claim that Mueller’s been successful, having indicted some former Trump campaign officials and “13 Russians and Russian companies.”

Indictments don’t equal convictions, for one, and for another, none of the indictments have anything at all to do with Mueller’s original mandate — finding criminal collusion between the Trump campaign and Mother Russia.

And they don’t have anything at all to do with POTUS Trump.

If that’s “success,” we’d hate to see what failure looked like.

This probe was based on a lie and should be shut down, period. Rudy G. is right; Mueller’s got nothing.


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