Pathetic: Chelsea Clinton supports her criminal mother’s call for Brits to PROTEST Trump visit

(National SentinelHypocrite: Chelsea Clinton, who has grown wealthy having accomplished virtually nothing, is now playing the role of agitator hypocrite.

Clinton, in an interview with the far-Left Guardian — which has been reduced to begging readers for money because it is so biased — that if she were in Great Britain, she would gladly protest President Donald Trump because he has “mainstreamed hate.”

That’s the same thing her loser mother said about Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 election she couldn’t win.


This is disgraceful. For one American citizen — especially the child of a former U.S. president — to call for citizens of another country to protest the current commander-in-chief is pathetic.

And she claims Trump is “mainstreaming hate.”


Leftists have been out of their minds with hate for POTUS Trump since he began telling it like it is.

To them, any president who wants to actually enforce immigration laws, who sees that violence used by any side of a political disagreement is equally wrong, and who believes in America first is a “hater.”

Patriotism, law enforcement, and honest opinions about our society, to the perpetually angry, triggered Left, is hate.

Left-wing Democrats created the industry of hate against POTUS Trump — not the other way around. And they know it.

But they use that excuse to justify their gutter politics and utter lack of decorum. ‘Trump is not a normal president’ they reason, ‘so he deserves this.’

Angry, triggered, open-border Democrats have nothing constructive to offer America. Increasingly, theirs is a platform of Socialism and hate.

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