(National Sentinel) Commies: Left-wing thug group Antifa is promising violence against pro-Life supporters who are planning a demonstration against Planned Parenthood next month in Washington state.

The thugs say that the peaceful demonstration should be “met with the same force as a Nazi rally or a white power gathering.”

The group Patriot Prayer has called for a peaceful demonstration outside the Planned Parenthood in Kent, Wash., on June 9. There are several speakers scheduled to talk about why they believe the organization should be defunded.

In addition, Patriot Prayer organizers have specifically called for those who attend not to harass women coming into or leaving Planned Parenthood.

“We are not there to harass any women coming or going, it is important to remain positive and to spread a good message,” the event page reads.

None of that matters to the Antifa thugs.

Planned Parenthood has a policy that asks its supporters not to stage counter-demonstrations. But the largest Antifa website, “It’s Going Down,” has nevertheless announced a counter-demonstration that will consist of violence against the pro-lifers.

In its call to action, the anonymous Antifa author acknowledged Planned Parenthood’s policy of avoiding counter-protests but wrote that as anarchists, Antifa thugs aren’t obligated to pay any attention to it.

“Planned Parenthood has a policy in place for supporters to ignore protesters at their sites. As anarchists, we know this is impossible and ‘avoidance politics’ is a particular brand of leftist cowardice,” says the call to action.

“This is a call to crew up, roll tight and organize to obstruct yet another targeted attack by Joey Gibson and his rabble of misogynist frat-boys. If we are to continue to call ourselves anti-fascists, these kinds of gendered attacks must be met with the same force as a nazi rally or a white power gathering,” says the call to action.

The writer goes on to mock moderate liberals who oppose political violence.

“Anarchists and anti-fascists in the Pacific Northwest have learned over the last year that the broader coalition of liberals and socialists who tend to show up to oppose public gathering of the Right are not friendly to tactics of direct action that stray out of the confines of ‘non-violence,'” the anonymous writer says.

“They will provide no safe space or harbor for those of us willing to carry out direct action against this mob of pond scum, so it is imperative that anarchists and anti-fascists alike organize to keep ourselves safe and protected,” the post suggests.

Gibson told The Gateway Pundit that the demonstration will take place because members of Patriot Prayer don’t back down and many now openly carry firearms to their events.

Make no mistake, it’s Antifa who behave like the Nazi Brown Shirts and the Communists — the use of violence against political opponents is a hallmark of those two Left-wing political ideologies.

Calling pro-life conservatives “Nazis” and “white supremacists” is just their excuse to beat on people they don’t like.

Force should be met with superior force; that’s how these thugs will get the message. And it sounds like Bishop has no problem with that.

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