Columnist: ‘The DEMOCRATS now have THEIR own Watergate!’

(National SentinelScandal: At a technology conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, former President Barack Obama actually told an audience that his administration was scandal-free.

Never mind that it was scandal-plagued from the outset, beginning with the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal where former AG Eric Holder oversaw the massive export of American guns to Mexican drug cartels with the hope they’d be used in U.S. crimes so Democrats could pass more gun control legislation.

What sick, twisted men Holder and Obama are.

Now, however, we’re beginning to see the granddaddy of all Obama scandals: Spygate.

And it’s beginning to shape up to be the Democrats’ own version of a Republican scandal they love to reference: The Nixon administration’s “Watergate” scandal.

Columnist Adriana Cohen has written about this at the Boston Herald:

A Democratic Watergate is unfolding before our eyes.

It’s no wonder Obama’s former CIA chief John Brennan is tweeting like a madman, attacking President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Brennan’s running scared because it’s starting to look like he may have been a co-conspirator in the biggest political scandal since, well, Watergate.

Yesterday, Trump met with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to inquire if Brennan’s CIA and the FBI spied on his 2016 presidential campaign, as reported by The New York Times and other media last week.

If it’s confirmed that the Obama administration used U.S. intelligence agencies and the Justice Department to go after political opponents — to keep Democrats in power through a presidential election cycle — Attorney General Jeff Sessions should immediately un-recuse himself from the Russia “collusion” witch hunt, shut it down and open a criminal investigation into all parties involved.

And to think that Democrats and their puppets in media have been calling Trump the greatest threat to democracy all this time when their party may have been using authoritarian tactics against the leader of the opposition party and his associates.

No doubt. But like Obama can say his administration was scandal-free with a straight face, Democrats can now pretend like nothing has happened and that Obama’s spying on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was perfectly legitimate.

When everyone knows it wasn’t.

There was no “Russia collusion.”

There never has been — not regarding the Trump campaign, anyway.

But of course, the Hillary Clinton campaign bought a bogus “Russia dossier” from a former British spook, Christopher Steele, who got his ‘information’ from Russian sources.

Watergate? No, this scandal is much bigger than that because it involves the politicization and utter corruption of the FBI, Justice Department and the Deep State intelligence community.

All Nixon did was try to cover up a burglary.

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