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Obama’s ‘Spygate’ scandal has many twists, but how come no one’s talking about THIS one?

(National SentinelThe Elephant: As Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz finalizes what is reportedly going to be an explosive report naming names and providing details in the scandalous way the Obama Deep State tanked the Hillary Clinton email investigation, other details have emerged regarding an even larger scandal.


With each passing day, we’re learning that the Obama regime concocted a Russian “collusion-interference” cover story so it could spy on a rival presidential campaign. That’s the nub of what’s been reported last week and this week.

Obama permitted his FBI and Justice Department to fabricate a story in order to spy on a rival presidential campaign. What’s more, they all thought Hillary Clinton was going to win — which meant they also believed that none of the details of this fraudulent scheme would ever get out.

Now that we know what went on, some of the same people who orchestrated this scam (and who would likely already be sitting before a grand jury if Jeff Sessions wasn’t Trump’s attorney general) are making their rounds on some of the same media outlets they leaked to in order to lie about what they did.

We’re now being told that hey, this wasn’t a spy operation — people were trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign not to spy but to “protect” Trump and his people from “Russian” malfeasance.


If that were true, why wasn’t Hillary’s campaign similarly ‘protected?’ And why not just tell Trump what’s going on?

We’re also being told that the Obama administration kept all of this on the down low because nobody wanted to ‘tip-off’ Russia to the investigation by informing the Trump campaign what was happening.

Lie times two.

  1. At his annual end-of-year press conference in December 2016 — the last of his presidency — he admitted that his administration knew Russia was trying to ‘meddle.’ That was around the same time that his Deep State operatives were trying to convince Americans Russia ‘interfered to help Trump’ (another lie). If Obama knew Russia was attempting to meddle that would have meant his intelligence agencies were onto Moscow’s activities. So how could he have ‘tipped them off’ by informing the Trump campaign what was going on?
  2. This excuse presupposes that the operation to ferret out Russian collusion and Russian involvement in the Trump campaign was legitimate from the start. It isn’t. It never was. It was a fabrication from the outset.

Back to the infiltrator(s) — the spies.

One of them is purported to be Stefan Halper, whom we now have learned the Deep State attempted to get inserted into the Trump administration.

But here’s the thing no one seems to be discussing: Halper is a longtime Republican operative.

He’s been associated with three Republican administrations. 

He’s not a known Democratic operative. And yet there he (allegedly) was, right in the middle of a Democrat-aligned political spying campaign aimed at a rival presidential candidate. And there he was being offered up to Trump for placement inside his administration.

Doesn’t that seem odd to you? Because it sure does to us.

Who ‘retrieved’ this CIA asset? Was it Comey, who used to be known as being a Republican? How about that “Republican” special counsel, Robert Mueller? Or “Republican” Rod Rosenstein?

Or maybe it was a RINO like John “Give the FBI the bogus dossier” McCain?

This is the one aspect of Spygate too few people are asking about. But it’s the one aspect that needs to be explored the most.

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1 Comment on Obama’s ‘Spygate’ scandal has many twists, but how come no one’s talking about THIS one?

  1. Richard Orberson // May 24, 2021 at 11:03 am // Reply

    You may like it, you may not like it, but either way. Donald J Trump, going down as one of the biggest men in history.

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