(National Sentinel) Scorn: By now it’s patently obvious to reasonable, thinking people that the Obama administration was the most corrupt in modern history.

There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t learn something new about Obama regime malfeasance and illegality.

Now comes a former CIA officer who says he was intentionally targeted and ruined by Obama administration figures Robert Mueller, then FBI director, and John Brennan, who would become Obama’s CIA director.

The former officer, longtime counterterrorism agent John Kiriakou, said he was cleared of charges that he leaked classified information to a journalist by the Bush administration, which had him investigated.

He told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson Tuesday he had “no idea” he was under investigation in 2007 for sharing details of terrorists’ interrogations to journalists.

“In 2007, the Bush administration investigated me and determined I hadn’t committed a crime,” he said.

But he said once President Obama took power in 2009, a series of memos showed that Brennan asked Attorney General Eric Holder to reopen his case.

“The injustice is incredible,” he told Tucker, adding that Brennan and Mueller “set out to ruin people” they don’t like.

The former CIA operative added that Brennan sent the Justice Department a memo requesting that he be prosecuted for “espionage.”

The DoJ responded, however, that there was no evidence to support the allegation. However, Brennan said something to the effect of “charge him anyway and make him defend himself,” Kiriakou said.

Mueller, who was also involved in the case, is “a man who chooses a person, then looks for a crime to hang on that person,” Kiriakou told Tucker, adding that Mueller initiated the “John Kiriakou Task Force” to investigate him.

Fox News reported further:

Kiriakou claimed that Mueller waited nearly a year until he was forced to declare bankruptcy then dropped most of the charges.

Kiriakou spent 30 months in prison on a related charge, Tucker Carlson said.

“This president… sees injustice,” Kiriakou added of Trump.

Carlson remarked that he was incredulous that Brennan, who has been accused of leaking to the press himself, would seek to imprison Kiriakou on the same charge.

That said, there are those in the know who believe that Brennan’s recent tweets to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell smack of desperation.

Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova, meanwhile, has said people have told him that Brennan is set to be charged with criminal violations and he should “get a good lawyer.”

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