Two-thirds of Americans agree that POTUS Trump responsible for BOOM economy

(National SentinelFlush Times: During the criminal regime of Barack Obama, the U.S. economy never experienced 3 percent growth in even a single quarter.

That’s a record of bad performance in the modern era.

What’s more, the Obamaites told Americans that lousy growth was “the new normal,” that America’s best days were behind her, and that now it was time to manage the decline.

As a candidate, Donald J. Trump never believed any of that. As president, he is showing that Obama’s “new normal” was only ‘normal’ in the sense that all Left-wing economic policies are epic failures.

What’s more, Americans by the tens of millions are backing the Trump Train economic model, which has revamped and revitalized virtually every sector.

A new CBS News survey found that two-thirds of Americans believe that President Donald Trump’s policies are responsible for our booming economy:

Also, more Americans — 67 percent — believe that now is a great time to find a job for anyone who’s looking, the highest figure in 17 years.

In fact, optimism about finding gainful employment has risen 25 percent in the Trump era, according to Fox Business‘ Charles Payne:

“Breaking News 67% of Americans believe now is a good time to find a quality job in US highest percentage in 17 years of Gallup. Optimism about availability of good jobs +25 percentage points since Trump was elected president. Forget about all the noise people are feeling better!” Payne tweeted on Monday.

While many Americans were uncertain about how Trump would handle other aspects of being president, most always believed a billionaire businessman would be good for the country.

And they were right.

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