(National Sentinel) Double Standard: This is CNN. At least, this is what CNN has turned into.

The network that brought Americans the first Gulf War live and up close has willingly transformed itself into a Left-wing hate factory where even the most rudimentary rules of decorum — especially when it comes to a sitting U.S. president — no longer apply.

During an appearance on the network’s hack morning show, “New Day,” with Chris Cuomo, ‘law professor’ Laurence Tribe was there to hawk a new book in which he cautions Democrats against rushing to impeach President Donald Trump should they win back control of the House in November.

In “To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment,” Cuomo noted that the book “comes with a note of political caution,” that “Democrats shouldn’t be rushing down the road of impeachment.”

He that the impeachment is not about “garden variety crime,” but “abusing the authority that we give to high officials like the president.”

Tribe went on to give examples of offenses that Trump could commit that would not constitute crimes, but would be impeachable, including failing to protect the country in favor of enriching himself personally — something Trump is specifically not doing since he turned over all of his businesses to his kids.

“But it will be available only if we don’t use it loosely, and ring the bell every time something looks amiss,” Tribe said. “You can’t be the boy who cried wolf and have a viable impeachment power. You can’t use it over and over again against the same president.”

Then Tribe used an unforgivable metaphor in further describing Democratic impeachment hopes.

“If you’re going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill,” Tribe said. “And that requires an overwhelming majority of a bipartisan kind. Otherwise, you’re just going to nick the guy, and make him feel empowered and vindicated.”

Can you imagine if a Republican pundit had been on CNN or any other Left-wing hack network and used similar terminology when discussing impeaching Barack Obama — which, given all we’re learning just about his corrupt spy operation against the Trump campaign would have been reason enough.

The outcry from the liberal Left would have been deafening. And had a host of, say, a Fox News or a One America News Network show not challenged a Republican guest for such a poorly chosen metaphor, their program would have been boycotted by every corporation and company on the planet.

And with good cause. You don’t use the phrase “shoot to kill” when discussing the president of the United States. Ever.

It’s never okay.

Especially these days, when Left-wing lunatics have been driven to violence against Republicans — including nearly shooting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana to death.

Leftists are not just mere political opponents they are increasingly portraying themselves as enemies of the state.

And the Pravda media promoting them is no different.

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