(National Sentinel) Not Fooled: House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows is not at all happy about Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s decision to refer to the Justice Department inspector general an investigation into DoJ’s and the FBI’s involvement in the Team Trump spying scandal.

He’s angry because he believes Rosenstein is just trying to play everyone.

That’s because while DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is a fair and honest man — and is preparing to drop a bombshell report about how the bureau and DoJ intentionally tanked the Hillary Clinton email investigation – he can’t indict anyone or call them to appear before a grand jury.

So, the North Carolina Republican believes the referral “is just a ruse” to placate an angry President Donald Trump.

What’s more, Meadows says Rosenstein knows all the secrets already. He knows what the DoJ and FBI did.

But he’s making a BS referral to the IG instead of talking.

On Monday, the president summoned Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray to the White House to officially order an investigation into the Obama-era spy scandal. Reports said that Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats also attended the meeting.

In addition to agreeing to refer the matter to the IG, Rosenstein also agreed to give lawmakers a look at requested documents related to the FBI’s attempts to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

But Meadows was not having it.

He tweeted: “Rod Rosenstein knows exactly what happened and what is in the documents requested by Congress. Either the matter warranted investigation long ago and he did nothing, or he’s seen the facts and believes nothing is wrong. His belated referral to the IG is not news… it is a ruse.”

Of course, that’s true. Let’s remember that Rosenstein signed off on the fourth FISA court application allowing the FBI and DoJ to continue spying on Team Trump even after the president was sworn into office.

Some believe the keys to this mystery lie in the FISA court applications.

Others, like House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., believe that the key lies in the document that originally launched the entire operation sometime in the spring of 2016, and he wants it.

Rosenstein’s got it. Trump should order him to turn it over.

As for Horowitz, he — like all IG’s — may not have the power to indict. But he has the authority to make criminal referrals, and he’s reportedly already done that.

The Deep State gets more desperate by the day, but Trump’s not going to be denied.

Mark Meadows will make sure of that.

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