(National Sentinel) Scandal: President Donald J. Trump has been subjected to the greatest political scandal in the history of our country.

Meanwhile, the most guilty among us are left alone by a wholly corrupt Deep State that no longer serves the best interests of our country or is there to protect our republic, but rather to subvert both.

One of the guilty is Hillary Clinton, who quite obviously violated several laws governing the handling of classified information.

It’s hard to know how many nations stole sensitive data from her unsecured private email server she set up to avoid federal sunshine laws that require our public officials to be completely transparent.

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But even some within the FBI believe her sensitive emails were hacked.

It’s time for the Justice Department and FBI to hold her — and others — accountable, as the president said in a series of early Sunday morning tweets, especially as he remains the subject of a bogus witch hunt investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Things are really getting ridiculous. The Failing and Crooked (but not as Crooked as Hillary Clinton) @nytimes has done a long & boring story indicating that the World’s most expensive Witch Hunt has found nothing on Russia & me so now they are looking at the rest of the World!” POTUS Trump wrote at the beginning of his tweetstorm.

Some political observers have speculated that the president is using the witch hunt for maximum political value — to make it appear as those he’s being victimized by a rogue Deep State in an effort to keep Republican voters angry and excited to go to the polls in November.

That’s a legitimate theory, given that the president, who controls the Justice Department and the FBI, could simply pick up the phone and order AG Jeff Sessions to do his bidding.

Maybe Trump has already done that. Time will tell.

Either way, he’s right: There are so many people — all Democrats — who need to be sitting before a grand jury answering questions about their role in the Trump Team spying scandal and beyond.

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