(National Sentinel) Abandoned: During the GOP’s 2016 primary season voters were told time and again that Donald J. Trump was a huckster and a sham conservative — that he really had no political ideology.

He just wants to be president, they said. He won’t keep his conservative pledges if he won.

Candidate Trump tried to mollify his GOP critics by picking Red State conservative Mike Pence, a former U.S. representative and governor of Indiana, as his running mate.

Then Trump released a list of judges he’d pick from to fill federal court vacancies including the Supreme Court.

None of those pledges convinced establishment GOP politicos, talking heads and lawmakers. Many of them including alleged conservatives like The Weekly Standard‘s editor Bill Kristol and former G. W. Bush advisor Karl Rove remain #NeverTrumpers, despite Trump’s rock-solid conservative bona fides as president.

Trump, in other words, during his first 17 months in office Trump has kept his promises. But many GOP lawmakers who claim to be conservatives haven’t, as Trump backer Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, points out.

“Taxes have been cut, the economy is growing, unemployment is at its lowest level, (Justice Neil) Gorsuch is on the court, ISIS is backpedaling, the Iran deal is finished, North and South Korea have met, the hostages have come home, and three days ago, the embassy was put in Jerusalem,” Jordan, R-Ohio, said Thursday at an address to the Conservative Action Project, as reported by The Western Journal.

“Compare and contrast that to Congress,” the former House Freedom Caucus chair said.

“Other than the tax cuts, you tell me what Congress has done that is worthwhile. You tell me what Congress has done that is consistent with the promises we made to the American people in that election, on that day, Nov. 8, 2016,” he continued.

The Western Journal noted further:

He said Congress has disappointed the American people by caving to leadership and passing bad policy like the March 23 last-minute $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, failing to fund Trump’s border wall and funding things against conservative values like Planned Parenthood, as well as failing to repeal Obamacare.

“The president … is keeping his promises, but we’re not,” Jordan said. “And really all it comes down to is a little toughness and a little willingness to just do what you said and have a little bit of discipline.”

Without question, Trump has accomplished more during his short time in office that most presidents who have come before him.

And like Jordan said, he’s keeping his promises.

The way forward is clear: Conservatives should elect Republicans who will also keep their promises.

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