(National Sentinel) No More Waiting: One of the most underreported national disgraces is the fact that our immigration court system is so clogged and backlogged that it often takes years for someone caught sneaking illegally into the country to be tried.

Many, of course, never show up for their hearings. But those who do are often thrown back into society by Left-wing immigration judges who use a common tactic to delay deportations (and, hence, further clog the system).

While he hasn’t done much to protect President Donald J. Trump from Robert Mueller’s bogus “witch hunt” Russian collusion investigation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been a star when it comes to helping his boss keep a key campaign pledge: Toughen up on immigration law enforcement.

To that end, Sessions just issued a new policy that will deprive judges of their current ability to perpetuate deportation backlogs.

As The Hill reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday issued a directive ending a common tactic used by immigration judges to pause or suspend cases before them while waiting for new evidence.

The New York Times reports that Sessions issued a directive ending the power of immigration judges to put a case on hold using administrative cloture, which judges have used in the past to suspend cases for immigrants awaiting a visa application or the appeal of their criminal conviction.

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Sessions blames the process for allowing immigrants without legal status to remain in the U.S. indefinitely while judges leave their cases on pause.

Immigration judges “do not have the general authority to suspend indefinitely immigration proceedings by administrative closure,” Sessions wrote in the order, the Times reported.

Putting the cases on hold has “effectively resulted in illegal aliens remaining indefinitely in the United States without any formal legal status,” he added.

Sessions likely wanted to include cases already closed under administrative cloture, but he wrote in his order doing so would quickly overwhelm an already-backlogged immigration court system.

The order will, however, reopen hundreds of thousands of cases, thereby speeding deportations.

No doubt it will take time for Sessions’ new directive to be implemented and the deportation process speeded up.

But as the old saying goes, you’ve got to start somewhere.

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