(National Sentinel) Leadership: President Donald J. Trump was meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday as part of his administration’s efforts to shore up the military alliance in the face of a revisionist and dangerous Russia.

But instead of getting questions on what measures the U.S. and NATO are taking, the president had to deal with a question from the Pravda media about his comments earlier this week in which he called members of the brutal MS-13 gang “animals.”

Such is the state of our media today; they’d rather perpetuate a lie about a murderous gang of illegal aliens than have a serious discussion about our increasingly tenuous relationship with a very powerful nuclear-armed foe.

After Trump made his comments, most of the American Pravda media claimed Trump was talking about all illegal immigrants.

He wasn’t. He was very specifically talking about MS-13 gang members, as the Republican Party notes in this tweet:

Nevertheless, the lie was perpetuated by the Pravda media and echoed by disgustingly dishonest Democrats including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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The president clarified his comments — again — in response to a question from the media while doubling down on his description of MS-13 members as “animals.”

Per the White House:

Q Mr. President, sir, could you clarify the context of your use of the word “animal” yesterday in referring to some people who were (inaudible) —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No. It has nothing to do with this meeting. But I’m referring — and you know I’m referring — to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in. And I was talking about the MS-13 and also — and if you look a little bit further on in the tape, you’ll see that. So I’m actually surprised you’re asking this question because most people got it right.

But I’m saying the MS-13 — you don’t have that where you come from — MS-13, these are animals. They’re coming into our country and we’re getting them out. They come in again, we’re getting them out. We need strong immigration laws. We have the weakest laws in the entire world. We have laws that are laughed at on immigration.

So when the MS-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country, I refer to them as “animals.” And guess what? I always will. But we’re getting them out by the thousands. But it’s a big, dangerous job. And they’re able, in some cases, to come back in or new groups come in also from the gangs.

Thank you.”

Just some of the criminal acts attributed to MS-13 gang members including beating victims to death, child rape, and beheadings.

Which makes them animals.

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