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Rudy: Mueller has ‘all the facts’ and has ‘NOTHING’ on POTUS Trump

(National SentinelRules: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into “Russian collusion” may be limitless in scope, it turns out, but his team is constrained by one thing: Justice Department rules.

The department’s own lawyers have long confirmed that it’s unconstitutional to indict a sitting president, and while that conclusion has never been challenged in court, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says it won’t be now, either.

What’s more, Giuliani says that Mueller — after a year — “has all the facts” of the case and those facts aren’t going to change.

And none of them implicate President Donald J. Trump in anything.

“It’s been a year, he’s gotten more than 1.4 million documents, he’s interviewed 28 witnesses, and he has nothing,” Giuliani told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham Wednesday night, “which is why he wants to bring the president into an interview.”

So he can ‘catch’ Trump in a ‘lie.’

“They have only exculpatory information about us,” Giuliani, a former NYC mayor and federal prosecutor, said. “I’ve been through the documents. So it’s about time to get the darn thing over with. It’s about time to say, ‘Enough. We’ve tortured this president enough.'”

Giuliani noted further that Trump’s legal team wants Mueller’s investigators to “tell us what you have to get from an interview that you don’t already have because he as all the facts to make a decision.”

“We’re trying to get him to end this,” he added. “This is not good for the American people [and] the special counsel’s office doesn’t seem to have that sort of understanding that they’re interfering with things that are much bigger than them or us.”

We’ve argued that same point just recently.

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So since Mueller’s team can’t indict a sitting president — not only because of Justice Department rules but also because Trump and his campaign did nothing wrong — what’s the point of continuing this investigation?

Giuliani and the president’s legal team believe that Mueller’s objective now is to write a report so damning it will lead to the president’s impeachment.

In other words, a manufactured investigation can only lead to made-up allegations. But the former prosecutor is ready for it.

“I think that they have the facts on which they can write their report,” Giuliani said before issuing a challenge to the special prosecutor: “If you’re going to write a fair report, fine, write it. If you’re going to write an unfair report, write it and we will combat it.”

He added: “We are ready to rip it apart.”

Mueller wasn’t appointed to come back a year or two later and say, “Sorry folks, I didn’t find anything.”

That was never the purpose of his appointment. He’s tasked with ‘getting’ this president — never forget that.

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