(National Sentinel) Shut it Down: Rudy Giuliani, many say, was brought onto President Donald J. Trump’s legal team because he knows special counsel Robert Mueller well and because he was best positioned to help bring the year-long “Russian collusion” hoax to an abrupt end.

Mueller doesn’t have anything on Trump because there’s nothing to have. This entire probe is built on a lie — a fake narrative created by the Deep State and the Obama White House to ensnare Trump after he beat Hillary Clinton and undermine his presidency from Day One.

They’ve tried everything from using a fake intelligence “dossier” to get a FISA warrant so they could spy on the Trump campaign to actually cultivating spies inside the campaign. And still…nothing.

Mueller hasn’t come up empty-handed, mind you. There have been indictments and guilty pleas. But none of those have anything remotely to do with Mueller’s original stated mandate: Find evidence of illegal activity involving a Team Trump and a foreign power.

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As Mueller’s one-year anniversary approaches, and as it becomes glaringly obvious his appointment and “investigation” was a political operation from the outset, Giuliani says enough is enough: It’s time to end this charade.

As reported by Politico:

President Donald Trump’s attorney has an unlikely new role model for special counsel Robert Mueller: James Comey.

Frustrated by the open-ended nature of Mueller’s Russia probe, which hits its one-year mark on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani says Mueller should follow the example Comey set in 2016, when the then-FBI director investigated — and then publicly exonerated — Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

“When Comey closed [the case] in July — although I think it was a complete whitewash — I’d like to have them do that for us,” the former New York mayor said.

“Come on! They’ve had a whole year,” he told Politico in a recent interview. “We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough.”

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Vice President Mike Pence agrees. “In the interest of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up,” he told NBC News last week.

Of course, as long as Mueller is allowed to remain in his post, he’ll continue his “investigation” because that’s the real objective — to keep Trump off-balance and to maintain the appearance of criminality, even when there’s nothing there.

Jeff Sessions may have been Trump’s worst Cabinet pick. But then, he doesn’t seem to have an ally in Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, either.

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