(National Sentinel) Enough: When it comes to progressive-Marxism, coffee, and retail giants Starbucks and Amazon, respectively, take a backseat to no other corporation.

But the companies are taking a decidedly conservative position over a new “head count” tax being imposed by the Socialist local government in Seattle.

As reported by Fox News, the new tax is decidedly Left-wing, in that it is primarily aimed at “rich” corporations:

Starbucks and Amazon are now blasting the decision to slap a new “head tax” on businesses to pay for homeless services and affordable housing — saying the government’s own lack of efficiency is to blame for the city’s woes. 

“The city does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending efficiency problem,” Drew Herdener, Amazon vice president, said in a statement. “We are highly uncertain whether the city council’s anti-business positions or its spending inefficiency will change for the better.”

On Monday the city council approved a plan to further penalize success by levying a tax on businesses that earn at least $20 million in gross revenues. The tax amounts to about $275 per full-time worker each year.

The “head tax” has been estimated to raise about $48 million per year, which officials are going to earmark for homelessness and housing.

“We have community members who are dying,” Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda said before the vote, according to The Seattle Times. “They are dying on our streets today because there is not enough shelter” and housing.

Amazon and Starbucks, however, didn’t sound empathetic.

The companies noted that beginning in 2019 when the tax kicks in some 600 employers, or only about 3 percent of all businesses in Seattle, will start paying.

Because of the huge new expense, Amazon officials said they are forced to question future growth in the city, adding that revenue was growing faster than the population.

Unincumbered of common sense, Seattle City Council members directed their ire at the two corporations.

Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez, for instance, slammed Amazon, saying “their tone in this message that is clearly hostile toward the city council is not what I expect from a business who continues to tell us that they want to be a partner on these issues.”

Fox News noted further:

Seattle-based Starbucks, which regularly touts its progressive values, accused the council of ignoring the plight of children who have to sleep outside.

“If they cannot provide a warm meal and safe bed to a 5-year-old child, no one believes they will be able to make housing affordable or address opiate addiction,” Starbucks’ John Kelly said in a statement.

The city has been here before. It got rid of a $25-per-year head tax on businesses in 2009 during the height of the Great Recession because council members determined — rightfully — it sent the wrong signal to businesses seeking to locate there.

It still sends the wrong signal, as even the far-Left mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has discovered. He got rid of his city’s head tax after he realized what a job-killer it was. Because nothing says ‘shed your employees’ and ‘more automation’ like a head tax.

And of course, there is this: Seattle has a homeless problem because it continues to cater to homelessness. Building homes for the homeless only attracts more homeless people.

Amazon and Starbucks are proving what conservatives have long known: There are limits to compassion, especially when it involves other people’s money.

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