(National Sentinel) Immigration Deformed: Politicos in D.C. claim that Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is retiring this year because he’s accomplished everything he wanted, capped off by tax reform last year.

But apparently, he’s not quite finished yet.

On his way out the door, he and other RINOs are working behind the scenes with Democrats to push a mass amnesty via a “discharge petition” the Speaker is said to support, according to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

The top-rated evening cable host sent a warning to the president about what was shaping up to take place, via Twitter.

“Warning to @realDonaldTrump: An effort is underway by liberal Repubs (+Dems) on a mass amnesty in the House thru a “discharge petition,” supported by @SpeakerRyan. Total travesty & mid-term turn-out killer,” she wrote.

“To clarify: @SpeakerRyan does NOT publicly support the discharge petition. GOP must stick with the clear & principled push for Kate’s Law, no funding for sanctuary cities, MS-13 bill. Amnesty won’t pass in Senate anyway. #NoDischargePetition,” she added.

Ingraham also gave some counsel to the RINOs.

“The last thing the GOP shd be doing now is dividing the party over immig amnesty bef the midterms. Asylum law must be reformed—asylum app’s up 1700 percent over 5 yrs. #NoDischargePetition,” she wrote.

House Democrats, along with too many RINOs, are trying to force a vote for mass amnesty. And while it’s not clear whether Ryan will allow a vote, he may not have much choice after all.

Mass amnesty is not what the American people voted for when they elected Donald J. Trump.

In fact, Trump’s message all along has been clear: Border enforcement, immigration law enforcement, and border security.

In the end, this stunt will only hurt Republicans who back the measure because it isn’t likely that Trump would sign it — even if it did make it past the Senate (which isn’t likely, either).

This is just another reason to vote for pro-Trump Republicans in the fall.

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