(National Sentinel) Politicized: Thanks to the corrupt politicization Barack Obama brought to the FBI and Justice Department, tens of millions of Americans no longer trust or have faith in either of them.

Who can blame them? After all, given the all-out effort by corrupt officials in both agencies to pursue a bogus ‘counterintelligence’ investigation against President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign, who can blame them?

And while we keep hearing from the Pravda media and their Deep State mouthpieces in the Left-wing commentariat what good guys and gals “rank-and-file agents” are, they keep reminding us just how right we all are to distrust them.

Take former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappat, who’s now an “analyst” for CNN.

The correct term is “hack.”

As reported by Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller, she just accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of wanting to get an undercover operative killed.

“Considering that @DevinNunes doesn’t actually *read* any of the details he’s given, Dr. Page, perhaps its because…he wants to leak them, get sources killed, and dry up the intel the FBI is getting in its investigation? But lordy, there are still tapes,” Rangappa tweeted Monday in an exchange with Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser who was targeted by FISA warrants obtained by the Justice Department and FBI — using a fake “Russia dossier.”


Nevermind that Rangappa doesn’t know what Nunes does or doesn’t read. He’s trying to uncover several years’ worth of Deep State dung featuring the most criminal administration in the history of the country.

To suggest that he’s perfectly acceptable to having FBI sources killed is beyond outrageous, but of course, that’s what passes for discussion and debate at Hack Central, CNN, where daily hosts and guests try to out-outrage their previous outrages.

And what sources is she referring to — sources in the “Russian collusion” investigation?

There was no “Russian collusion,” so there can’t be any real ‘sources’ the FBI’s working to ‘get to the truth.’

Besides, the only leaking that’s been going on has been tied to anti-Trump Deep State types, Democrat-leaning former intel officials like John Brennan, and elected Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff, R-Calif.

It’s appalling that a former FBI agent would say something like this, suggesting that the House Intel Committee chair cares so little about the Intelligence Community’s sources he would out them and expose them to death.

Or at least, it used to be appalling.

Given the highly politicized nature of today’s Bureau, it’s not surprising to hear a former agent say something like this about a Republican lawmaker.

Or that’d she’d be working for CNN.

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