(National Sentinel) Hype: The West is positively giddy about recent peace overtures shown by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

He’s already met with his South Korean counterpart, President Moon Jae-in, in what many have called Kim’s “charm offensive” with the West.

Now he’s set to meet in Singapore in June with President Donald J. Trump, as the U.S. will press Kim to give up his nuclear weapons program.

All seems well, as China also appears to be on board. Beijing may be Pyongyang’s erstwhile ally, but deescalating tensions in North Korea, with which China shares a substantial border, is certainly in President Xi Jinping’s interests.

But a defector from North Korea is pouring cold water on any expectations that Kim will eventually surrender his nuclear capability.

Former North Korean diplomat Thae Yong-ho warned in a press conference Monday that the “final destination” of the Kim regime is to possess nuclear weapons and that, in his estimation, Kim “will never give them up.”

As reported by Breitbart News:

Thae held a press conference to answer questions regarding his experience with the communist Kim regime in light of the upcoming publication of his autobiography, detailing his work as a diplomat for the regime in London and his harrowing escape.

The defector said he believed that Pyongyang would take steps towards “sufficient” dismantling of its nuclear weapons development, but not “complete” dismantlement of the nuclear program, according to the South Korean news service Yonhap.

“The final destination that the North is headed for is not to completely dismantle its nuclear weapons program but become a nuclear weapons state covered by the paper called denuclearization,” he suggested.

Thae noted that, according to Kim Jong-un himself, nuclear weapons are “a sword and a shield for eternal prosperity, prosperity and happiness for generations to come. … He will never give them up.”

He is not alone in his assessment. Other U.S. experts have made similar predictions — that Kim is more interested in the survival of his regime and as such sees nuclear weapons as the ultimate guarantor of his own survival.

Still, last week he pledged to dismantle — publicly — a nuclear development site and has invited outside journalists to witness the event, a historic event in and of itself.

Whether or not Kim will actually agree to denuclearization remains to be seen. But if he doesn’t, there’s no indication Trump will back off his earlier pledge to take out the nuclear program with a preemptive military strike.

All Kim needs to do is ask Trump supporters and the Israelis whether they think our president keeps his promises.

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