(National Sentinel) Too Much Winning: It appears as though Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is not only incurable but it actually worsens the longer President Trump is in office.

Last week after Trump exited the so-called “Iran nuclear deal” — which the Iranians never even signed and which was so unpopular in the U.S. Senate Obama never submitted it as a treaty — a pair of Obama-era flunkies in his National Security Council took to The New York Times (shock!) to complain about it.

Nothing about this so far is uncommon. The Times has long since abandoned any journalistic integrity it still when Trump was elected, and the paper is frequently a forum for disgruntled Democrats outraged by the president’s latest actions.

However, an op-ed written by Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, former directors on Obama’s NSC, was downright comical — so comical, in fact, you have to wonder if these gentlemen haven’t been driven mad by TDS.

Claiming that Europe shouldn’t be Trump’s (and by default, the United States’) “doormat” after Trump left the Iran deal, the pair argue that the EU is obligated to take ‘aggressive’ steps to preserve the deal.

“The European Union could, for instance, announce the withdrawal of member-states’ ambassadors from the United States. Isn’t this what states do when diplomatic partners breach solemn agreements, expose them to security risks and threaten to wreak havoc on their economies? That is, after all, what the administration is threatening to do by courting the risk of a Middle Eastern war and applying secondary sanctions to European companies,” they argued.

“Depending on the American response, European capitals might even follow up with expulsion of American ambassadors.”

Continuing, they wrote, “It would be hard to fault these moves as irresponsible, given that they would not impair vital security functions like intelligence-sharing and law enforcement coordination. They would, however, symbolize a stark diplomatic breach that could extend to other areas in which the Trump administration needs allied support.”

“Thus, the White House would face the first hard choice in this whole process: a full-blown crisis in trans-Atlantic relations. If the administration’s next move were to impose secondary sanctions on Europe, the Europeans could slap its own penalties on American multinational corporations, which in turn would place additional pressure on the White House.”

Just. Wow.

First of all, Europe isn’t going to do anything to the U.S. or to Trump or to his diplomats. EU officials are going to do nothing more than what these two jokers are doing: Posturing and complaining.

Fact is, Trump as president is free to pursue his vision of foreign policy, same as Obama did. He’s not answerable to anyone but the American people. And the Iran deal was horrendous, period. In fact, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu revealed days before Trump exited the deal the Iranians were cheating — that secret nuclear development was continuing.

Secondly, with a revisionist Russia on Europe’s and NATO’s boundaries, the very last thing that Europe is going to do is alienate its protector (that would be us).

Europe cannot protect itself. The continent’s richest nation, Germany, can’t even field an army equipped with basic field items. More than 95 percent of Eurofighters are grounded. Army helicopter pilots are losing their qualifications because they can’t log enough flight hours. It can’t field enough tanks for its NATO mission. Soon it won’t have an operational navy.

There are similar operational shortages throughout the European countries. The only real reason NATO continues to exist is because the United States, and to lesser extents, France and Britain, contribute enough capability to keep it a viable threat.

But it’s just barely enough to contain Vladimir Putin.

The EU suspend American diplomats? Shun Trump? Shed U.S. protection?

Simon and Stevenson are either smoking something they shouldn’t be, or are so incapacitated by TDS they can no longer think rationally.

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