(National Sentinel) Meddler-in-Chief: Why George Soros is hell-bent on destroying the one country that guarantees the peace and security for the entire world is known only to him, but his mission continues, and this time, it’s really insidious.

Unable to sway presidential elections or see that more Left-wing Democrats get elected to Congress, Soros is directing his efforts to local prosecutor races. Under the fake narrative of “justice reform,” Soros’ plan is to sow chaos in American cities, period.

As HuffPost reports:

A broad progressive coalition is spending millions of dollars to oust hard-line prosecutors around the country and replace them with criminal justice reform advocates.

The allies are hoping to replicate what is already happening in Philadelphia, where new District Attorney Larry Krasner (D) is reshaping the city’s criminal justice system with the goal of ending mass incarceration. Billionaire George Soros, who backed Krasner’s election in 2017 with a $1.45 million donation, is investing in other district attorney races across the nation this cycle. The American Civil Liberties Union, which received grant funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations in 2014 to support criminal justice reform, is planning voter education and outreach programs in as many as 10 states. And political action committees like Real Justice and Color of Change are directly intervening in key races.

Soros, the ACLU, the two PACs and a constellation of allied state-level groups hope that by organizing activists, educating voters and dumping money into district attorney races across the country, they can slowly start to replace more of the country’s 2,400 top prosecutors with reformers like Krasner. They also aim to change the way the public views elections for district attorneys, who are some of the most powerful people in the criminal justice system. The groups have targeted races in about a dozen counties that collectively contain around 5 percent of the U.S. population.

As equally Left-wing Slate adds:

In the church, queries and complaints from constituents that might have made his predecessors cringe were softballs for Krasner: a loved one has been wrongfully incarcerated? Send the case to the revamped Conviction Review Unit, a sort of in-house innocence project. How can lying officers be kept off the stand? He has staff working to verify and expand a formerly secret “do not call” list of 29 suspect officers. Late in the meeting, one elderly woman asked a question that cuts to the core of concerns for those who doubt Krasner’s reforms: What would he do about the drug dealers and users on her street that make her feel unsafe? He didn’t miss a beat: “The past solution was to lock [corner drug dealers] all up and that didn’t work. We have to go after root cause,” he says. This came after an extended riff promising “to go after doctors and pharmaceutical corporations” for their role in the nation’s opioid crisis. Notably, his office had already initiated legal proceedings against some of those pharmaceutical companies.

The site noted further:

Krasner issued a memo to his staff making official a wave of new policies he had announced his attorneys last month. The memo starts: “These policies are an effort to end mass incarceration and bring balance back to sentencing.”

The most significant and groundbreaking reform is how he has instructed assistant district attorneys to wield their most powerful tool: plea offers. Over 90 percent of criminal cases nationwide are decided in plea bargains, a system which has been broken beyond repair by mandatory minimum sentences and standardized prosecutorial excess. In an about-face from how these transactions typically work, Krasner’s 300 lawyers are to start many plea offers at the low end of sentencing guidelines. For most nonviolent and nonsexual crimes, or economic crimes below a $50,000 threshold, Krasner’s lawyers are now to offer defendants sentences below the bottom end of the state’s guidelines. So, for example, if a person with no prior convictions is accused of breaking into a store at night and emptying the cash register, he would normally face up to 14 months in jail. Under Krasner’s paradigm, he’ll be offered probation. If prosecutors want to use their discretion to deviate from these guidelines, say if a person has a particularly troubling rap sheet, Krasner must personally sign off.

To be clear, when a Marxist uses the word “reform” what they really mean is “destroy” — and that’s what Soros’ prosecutors will seek to do, destroy the system of law and order that makes for a civil society. When they use terms like “hardline,” what they are referring to are prosecutors who are doing their jobs and ensuring that laws are enforced.

That’s not “hardline” that’s what people expect of their prosecutors.

So what does this ‘reform’ really mean?

War on police. Blame doctors and drug companies for the opioid crisis (not the drug dealers and Mexican cartels that are running heroin into the country by the tons). Keep as many people out of jail as possible, no matter what they’ve done in some cases.

If you’re thinking that prosecutors are supposed to prosecute, you’re right. But not Soros’ prosecutors. Their job is to create social chaos, which is what policies like those being implemented by this Marxist in Philadelphia will do, mark our words.

The other big lie here is that traditional enforcement of the law doesn’t work. It does work; it takes dangerous people off our streets. In more cases than we can measure strict enforcement of laws serves as a deterrent, which is the point.

But Soros now wants to upend all of that. He wants to destroy our society by turning our cities into crime-free zones, not by practice but by decree. What kind of signal do you think that’ll send to the criminal element?

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