(National Sentinel) Election 2018: For months Democrats and their propaganda machine also known as the American Pravda media have been touting an approaching “blue wave” in the 2018 midterm elections that will sweep Republicans from power and serve as a prelude to the demise of President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

But as always the case the things Democrats say differ greatly from reality.

According to the most recent polling data from none other than CNN, a.k.a. the Stormy Daniels Network, Democrats have tanked in generic polling over a month’s time.

These numbers come in as Trump continues to win — on the national and international fronts — and as America continues to reassert itself economically, diplomatically, and geopolitically.

As reported by Conservative Tribune:

Aptly headlined, “CNN Poll: Democrats 2018 advantage is nearly gone,” the story points out that the alleged Democrat advantage among voters surveyed has shrunk from 16 points to 3 points. Since that’s within the margin of error, it’s a statistical tie.

In a country as divided as politically divided as the United States, that’s not a bad place for an incumbent party to be with six months to go and a tailwind of good news going for it.

In an interview on CNN Wednesday, David Chalian, the network’s political director, explained how polling trends are pushing in the GOP’s favor after looking bleak in the heart of winter.

“Go back to February, it was a 16-point Democratic edge,” Chalian said. “In March it was a 6-point Democratic edge. And what you see now is just a 3-point edge for Democrats. It’s within the margin of error. That’s the first time it’s been that close this entire cycle. So that is going to be good news for Republicans.”

Wow. That had to hurt coming from a network vice president and rip-roaring anti-Trumpist.

Other recent polling data also suggest that the “blue wave” narrative is a massive mirage. In Ohio on Tuesday, for instance, some 147,000 more Republicans showed up to vote in that state’s primaries than Democrats.

This, after being told for months that Democrats are jazzed, energized, and cant’ wait to get to the polls to vote.

There’s still lots of time between now and November, for sure. But one thing ought to be clear: It doesn’t look like the Democrats are going to blow through Republicans on their way to a super-majority in Congress.

In fact, given the real mood of the country and Trump’s rising approval ratings, it wouldn’t surprise us if the party in power increases its lead this year, bucking the trend of losing seats during a midterm.

Think about it. Nothing about this president and his presidency is ‘normal.’

All of it has been ‘outside the box.’ And he’s the one who’s winning.

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