(National Sentinel) Good Riddance: “Maverick” Sen. John McCain, RINO-Ariz., continues to demonstrate why so few true Republicans and conservatives are going miss him once he finally steps down due to his aggressive brain cancer.

In March 2013 McCain and a dozen other Republican senators voted to confirm President Obama’s pick to become the next CIA director, John Brennan, who has since gone on to be one of the biggest never-Trump voices on the national scene.

Mind you, Brennan — who some believe was the mastermind behind the fake Russian collusion narrative that has embroiled President Donald J. Trump’s administration since before it began — has since been implicated in a series of scandals that reek of political partisanship.

Some of the allegations against Brennan is that he may have perjured himself before Congress and may even have committed felonies.

“My sources tell me [Brennan] was leaking almost weekly or daily, and he was taking that bunch of phony crap supposedly from Russia, and peddling that through the Congress and the media, he was one of the active people,” former FBI Asst. Director James Kallstrom said in March, citing unnamed sources from the intelligence community.

Nevertheless, McCain eagerly supported his nomination.

But now, Trump’s pick to succeed CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel — who worked under Brennan and is the first woman to be nominated for the post — is somehow not worthy of McCain’s support.

“I believe Gina Haspel is a patriot who loves our country & has devoted her professional life to its service & defense. However, her role in overseeing the use of torture is disturbing & her refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality is disqualifying,” he tweeted after declining to support her over allegations she was involved in waterboarding terrorists.

Others were quick to remind McCain that his alleged conscience was not bothering him when he voted in favor of Brennan, who was also supportive of waterboarding.

“But Senator, with all respect, you voted FOR John Brennan who had the same record on rendition and enhanced interrogation as Ms. Haspel. Respectfully, why the double standard?” tweeted radio host Larry O’Connor.

We’ll tell you why: Because he’s an anti-Trump turd who is still ticked off at the president for insulting him regarding his torture in Vietnam.

McCain’s conscience is not bothering him here. His goal is to deny Trump another first — the first woman CIA director — period.

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