(National Sentinel) So Much Corruption: The massive Deep State scandal involving the never-ending investigations into President Donald J. Trump and his associates should never have been launched in the first place.

And while most readers are well aware of that, there is new information substantiating claims that this was all a set-up from the get-go.

As we reported on Thursday, House Republicans are continuing to battle a stonewalling Justice Department over attempts to get top DoJ officials to release information on a single person whom Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes believes could answer some key questions regarding Robert Mueller’s probe.

The Daily Caller added:

House Republicans are again battling with the Justice Department over information related to the Russia investigation, this time over documents the intelligence community said involves a top-secret source who has provided information to the CIA and FBI.

The mysterious source has also gathered information that was given to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to The Washington Post.

WaPo said that the source is an American, meaning any unmasking would not damage a legitimate foreign asset or foreign government.

AG Jeff Sessions and other officials at his DoJ have argued that revealing this source would nevertheless compromise national security. So, as we noted yesterday, Bob Mueller can know the source. And Sessions can know the source. And the WaPo can know details about the source (and, frankly, probably knows who the source is as well by now)

But the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who has the highest security clearance, can’t know?

Why is that?

The Wall Street Journal may have provided the answer.

An editorial by the paper in Friday editions suggests that the leak of info to the WaPo was meant to stop a subpoena Nunes issued for information pertaining to the source.

Also, the editorial suggests that the Obama DoJ likely placed a spy in the Trump campaign in what would amount to something right out of Josef Stalin’s political playbook (if he would have used one).

WSJ notes:

The story’s bias is that Mr. Nunes—you know, a nasty House Republican—is threatening to compromise national security. Yet the article itself discloses details that suggest the Post already knows who this “top secret” source is. For example, the source is a “U.S. citizen,” has been an informant for both “the CIA and FBI,” and has provided information that was given to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

The story also says intelligence officials fear that outing the source could “damage relationships with other countries,” suggesting the source has worked overseas. And the story says the “role of the intelligence source” could further provoke Republicans who have accused Justice and the FBI of engaging in “misuse of their surveillance power”— hinting that the government may have used the source to snoop on the Trump campaign.


Last summer Mr. Nunes subpoenaed information related to the FBI’s monitoring of the Trump campaign. Justice and the FBI resisted that request for months, and now we learn that even when they did cooperate they withheld critical parts of the story. Their warnings now about risks to a source and to intelligence relationships must be measured against their prior warnings that turned out to be false. The leak and spin to the Post confirm that Mr. Nunes is asking questions that deserve to be answered.

So if that dirtbag Obama and his hench-woman, Loretta Lynch, authorized a spy was to be inserted within the Trump campaign, that means then everyone involved in this “collusion” investigation has known all along that it’s a hoax, a scam designed to do nothing more than undermine our duly-elected president.

Which means that Mueller’s entire investigation was based on a big, fat lie. And it ought to be terminated like, right now.

Either that or — despite knowing the “Russia dossier” was BS political opposition research — Obama and his merry band of criminals really did believe Trump and Russia ‘colluded.’

Whatever the case, this would represent a new low in American politics that, frankly, should result in some jail time for someone or several someones.

If only Jeff Sessions wasn’t part of the cover-up.

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