After Boy Scouts cave to Left-wing SJWs, one-fifth of its members just BAILED

(National SentinelSocial Engineering: Earlier this week the Boy Scouts of America underwent the most radical change since it was founded in February 1910.

The organization decided to change its name to BSA and to admit girls as members. In an organization founded to develop boys to upstanding young men.

The decision was a costly one in terms of membership.

Just a week after the BSA announced the name change and change in mission to begin accepting girls (what happened to the Brownies and Girl Scouts of America?) at all scouting levels, the largest participant in the organization announced on Tuesday it was cutting all ties.

And in doing so, taking one-fifth, or 425,000, members with them.

As reported by Conservative Tribune:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, usually known as the Mormons, announced Tuesday that it was severing its relationship with the Scouts effective Dec. 31, 2019, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

In a statement issued jointly by the church and the Scouts, the church explained the move by noting that its membership was more global now than ever, and required a global approach.

“In this century of shared experience, the church has grown from a U.S.-centered institution to a worldwide organization, with a majority of its membership living outside the United States,” the joint statement said.

“That trend is accelerating. The church has increasingly felt the need to create and implement a uniform youth leadership and development program that serves its members globally. In so doing it will be necessary for the church to discontinue its role as a chartered partner with BSA.”

That wasn’t bad spin, and it certainly lets the BSA off the hook.

But frankly, the Mormons have been moving away from the BSA for years as the organization kept changing its policies to accommodate Left-wing social engineers.

As reported by the Deseret News — a Salt Lake City newspaper that is owned by a subsidiary of a holding company owned by the church — the “signs of strain of strain began to emerge years ago.”

Five years ago the Scouts voted to admit openly gay boys into the group, and the Mormon church announced that it has always allowed gays to join. But the building tension was obvious.

Then, three years ago when the BSA ruled it would admit gay Scoutmasters, the Mormon church decided to stay with the organization after it recognized “the right of all religious chartered organizations to select their Scout leaders in accordance with their religious beliefs,” the Deseret News noted.

Three years ago, when the Scouts decided to admit gay Scoutmasters, the church said it would stay with the Scouts after the organization recognized “the right of all religious chartered organizations to select their Scout leaders in accordance with their religious beliefs,” the Deseret News reported.

But the social engineering of America’s preeminent male youth organization didn’t stop there.

In May 2017, the Mormons dropped Scouting from all church programs for boys aged 14-17, according to the Deseret News. The decision just happened to coincide with the Scouts’ decision to accept “transgender” boys — as in, girls pretending to be boys — into the organization.

This latest change was just one social engineering change too far, as it became obvious the Left was never going to be satisfied allowing the BSA to even resemble what it was founded to be.

As to the Mormons finally leaving the BSA, “It’ll be a blow,” said Mark Griffin, president of the BSA’s Great Salt Lake Council.

“We can’t say that it was a total surprise. Maybe the timing is a surprise, but we knew the church was working on a program for a worldwide church but that any changes would be based on the need to do the same program in Paris, France, as they have in Paris, Texas.”

But that program will finally be impervious to the Left’s incessant drive to destroy all vestigates of traditional America.

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Glenn Festog
Glenn Festog

Perhaps now they can change their name (BSA) to “Soy Scouts of America”, to reflect reality. Lol

Thomas Amster
Thomas Amster

If the scouts have become about sex in the tents, it is good that they have a choice of hetero sex in the tents. Thanks Progressives for making the Scout mission all about sex.

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