(National Sentinel) Defending the Country: The Left had the first of what would become habitual meltdowns when then-billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump announced he would seek the Republican nomination during a media event at his palatial New York hotel in June 2015.

What set off the Left was when Trump, during his announcement speech, called some illegal aliens from Mexico the country’s “worst,” including many who were criminals and “rapists.”

By any measure, the president-to-be was correct. And he’s been proven correct time and time again since taking office.

From the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco to a recent report citing dozens of instances where illegal aliens in North Carolina have been charged with a series of child sex-related crimes, including rape, Trump has been spot-on regarding the issue of illegal alien crime.

And throughout it all, Democrats have fought Trump tooth and nail over any and all attempts to shore up border security so he could, in part, better protect America’s children, making them the de facto “party of child rape.”

But the tide may be turning.

As the Washington Examiner notes, National Guard troops Trump has requested that states send to the U.S. southwest border to assist Border Patrol and immigration authorites are beginning to have a positive impact:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have apprehended an additional 1,600 people attempting to illegally enter the country from Mexico since April 15 as a result of the deployment of National Guard troops to the southwest border, CBP and defense officials said Wednesday.

National Guard officials overseeing the border state deployments said troops helping monitor the international boundary have freed up more border agents to physically guard the border. The result has led to a surge in the amount of criminal activity agents have stopped.

The increased surveillance and communication between guardsmen and border officers also led to CBP intercepting an additional 451 people who were turned back before illegally entering the U.S.

Those numbers could tick up considerably if the 4,000 National Guard troops President Trump approved on April 4 are called on in a future request from CBP.

And this result stems from the deployment of just 775 Guard troops thus far.

There’s no telling how many potential child sex crimes have been stopped now, but it’s a safe bet that at least some of those apprehended may have gone on to hurt an American kid.

No child should ever have to experience rape or abuse, regardless of where they come from.

But Trump believes his job as president is to protect Americans first and foremost — and especially American kids — from that kind of depredation.

Anyone who argues otherwise is a threat to our children.

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