(National Sentinel) No Change: House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., doesn’t see much difference these days between President Obama’s Justice Department and President Donald J. Trump’s DoJ.

In fact, when it comes to transparency, obstinance, and arrogance, there isn’t any difference, Meadows said Monday evening in an interview with Fox Business‘ Lou Dobbs.

Congress is fed up dealing with Deep State scumbags, liars and obfuscators, and that, apparently, includes Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The House Intelligence Committee has been attempting to extract key documents vital to ongoing investigations into Obama-era malfeasance and possible illegality.

At virtually every step of the way, Trump’s DoJ and FBI have thwarted — or attempted to thwart — those investigations.

The House has even gone so far as to subpoena records it once requested, but over the weekend Sessions arrogantly asserted that recent requests for unredacted documents including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo outline special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigatory scope and authority somehow cannot be granted because they’re classified — or so Sessions says.

Meadows has had enough and he’s ready to roll up the stonewalling Jeff Sessions.

“I know he (Chairman Nunes) is meeting with some of his Intel Committee Members right now as we ramp up the pressure. I can tell you that we have one real problem right now Lou,” said Meadows.

“We have a Department of Justice under this administration saying they will not give documents to Congress that we’re entitled to constitutionally. And we have a Department of Justice that’s trying to write a narrative to suggest that the American people don’t need to see it,” he continued.

“I can tell you that I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference between the Trump Administration DOJ and the Obama administration DOJ in terms of them giving documents… One of two things will happen this week,” Meadows said.

“Either we will get a contempt citation or we’ll get the documents. I hope we get the documents but one of two things will happen this week.”

The Constitution does not call for the creation of a Justice Department or FBI. Congress created both of those agencies through legislation. Congress, therefore, has oversight authority.

Trump, as president, has the authority to declassify anything he wants, anytime he wants.

He should pick up the phone and instruct Sessions to bring him the documents Congress is demanding and decide point-blank whether they really are classified. Once he deals with that, he should then order Sessions to personally walk the documents over to the appropriate congressional committees.

Then he should instruct Jeff Sessions to clean out his desk.

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