(National Sentinel) Coup: During his Monday night program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that the longer special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is allowed to continue, the more it becomes obvious what the end game is: Getting rid of duly-elected President Donald J. Trump.

Carlson explained that Mueller’s ongoing, wide-ranging investigation is no longer about proving alleged “collusion’ between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government, but rather to “topple” Trump.

“Even as ominous signs accumulated, we struggled against calling the Mueller investigation a partisan witch-hunt designed to topple a president,” he said, as reported by Breitbart News. “We didn’t want to think that it was. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to deny that now.”

Tucker went on to say that his program has been very fair to Mueller in the past, noting that if indeed “someone tried to hurt the United States, we would want to know about it.”

The Fox News host cited as evidence a federal judge’s comments last week accusing Mueller’s prosecutors of only looking for ways to incriminate Trump and produce some trace of evidence that may eventually lead to his impeachment.

He also noted that Mueller ultimately does not have the power to remove Trump from office, only the Congress can do that or the American people, through the ballot box.

Tucker said the Left is aware of what Mueller’s ultimate objective is, which is why they cheer him on while “lecturing all of us on the rule of law,” which he says “they care nothing about.”


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