(National Sentinel) Excoriate: Fox News host Sean Hannity ripped into Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his Monday evening program for his failure to act on behalf of President Donald J. Trump and the country to reign what has become what critics call a runaway special counsel investigation.

In accusing Sessions of “stonewalling,” Hannity was channeling growing Republican frustration over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation after it has failed to produce any evidence at all of so-called “collusion” between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.

Also, Republicans are growing frustrated after several attempts to extract information from a recalcitrant FBI and Justice Department that pertains to a number of ongoing investigations into alleged Obama-era corruption.

There are now plans forming to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes threatens to hold Sessions in contempt of Congress for failing to hand over requested documents in an unredacted form.

Sessions responded to Nunes on Monday, claiming that his committee’s request is “not grantable.”

“Mr. Attorney General, I say this with all respect: where is your urgency? You need to do your job,” Hannity said to Sessions in response.

“This has gone on way too long. These are legitimate, important requests. You are not impervious, nor the DOJ impervious, to the rule of law and our federal system, co-equal branches of power and checks and balances,” he continued.

“If the Attorney General does not take significant measures to find urgency and speed up the delivery of these… documents, then it is time for Sessions, Rosenstein, and anyone else who is obstructing Congress’ investigation to be held in contempt and face the serious legal consequences associated with it,” the Fox News host said.

In speaking directly to Sessions and Rosenstein, Hannity intoned: “Are you part of the swamp? Are you part of the deep state?”

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