(National Sentinel) Enough: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday he’s prepared to move forward to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress after the Justice Department has repeatedly refused to hand over requested documents vital to ongoing corruption investigations.

“Two weeks ago we sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a classified letter. Per usual, it was ignored… So last week we sent a subpoena,” the California Republican told Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” program.

“Then on Thursday, we discovered they’re not going to comply with our subpoena on some very important information that we need.

“The only thing we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt. And that’s what I’m going to press for this week,” he added.

Investigative journalist and Fox News contributor Sara Carter tweeted that the letter was “classified.”

sent classified letter to AG Sessons [sic] asking for info/ AG Sessions DOJ ignored—-Move forward with contempt resolution against DOJ AG for refusal to comply with latest subpoena. They will go to court to force contempt subpoena against AG Sessions,” she wrote.

If Sessions is held in contempt by the House Intelligence Committee, it isn’t at all clear that President Donald J. Trump will move to shield him the way President Obama moved to shield his attorney general, Eric Holder, when he was held in contempt for refusing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal.

Trump has been vocal about his frustration over Sessions’ recusal from the so-called “Russian collusion” scandal. If his AG becomes embroiled with Congress over a legal matter, that may prove to be more than that president is willing to accept from an AG who is now being seen an impediment to Congress’ attempts to clear the White House.

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