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POTUS Trump announces he will seek DAMAGES from Stormy Daniels over breach of NDA

(National SentinelContract: President Donald J. Trump announced Thursday his legal team would be seeking damages from adult film star Stormy Daniels for breaking a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding allegations of an affair he says are bogus.

Trump’s announcement, via Twitter, comes after one of his attorneys, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, made a surprise statement the night before during an appearance on Fox News‘ Sean Hannity program that $130,000 paid to Daniels by the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was reimbursed by POTUS.

“Paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 turning out to be perfectly legal. That money was not campaign money. Sorry, I’m giving you a fact not that you don’t know. It’s not campaign money,” Giuliani said.

“[Trump] knew he would take care of things like this — like I take care of this stuff with my clients, I don’t burden them with every single thing.”

The FBI raided Cohen’s offices and hotel room last month, in part, to obtain information related to the payoff, claiming it could be a violation of campaign finance laws.

Trump noted in his tweets that Cohen’s reimbursement was part of retaining his services.

“Mr. Cohen, an attorney, received a monthly retainer, not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign, from which he entered into, through reimbursement, a private contract between two parties, known as a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA,” he wrote.

“These agreements are very common among celebrities and people of wealth. In this case it is in full force and effect and will be used in Arbitration for damages against Ms. Clifford (Daniels),” he continued.

“The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair. Prior to its violation by Ms. Clifford and her attorney, this was a private agreement. Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll in this transaction.”

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